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  1. chrisjlocke1

    Choosing a Server-less Database for a Desktop Application

    This is an old topic and the original author never replied back, but thought I'd chip in as many people like databases. SQLite is a database library and to 'install' it, you just need three files - a common DLL, then two DLLs to cater for 32bit and 64bit applications. To use it in your...
  2. chrisjlocke1

    Question How to pin forms to the desktop is like calendar and note programs

    The code you posted has no bearing on the post title, but by 'pin' do you mean on top of every other window? In vb6 days it was called 'ontop'. Now its 'topmost'. Set a form 'topmost' property to true, and it'll float and be above all other forms.
  3. chrisjlocke1

    Question use lv buttons.ocx in visual basic 2019

    Eurgh. Why would you ... no, just don't. No. Program functionality is far better than wacky buttons. If you really do want custom controls, then WPF might be the way to go.
  4. chrisjlocke1

    Resolved How to set a ToolstripButton Image

    Do you mean this? They're just voting buttons - so if I say sometjhing complete pants, someone can downvote it.
  5. chrisjlocke1

    Resolved How to set a ToolstripButton Image

    Yes, if you double-click the .resx file, then right-click an image, you should see an option to remove it. If there is a reference to that image, its easy to relink it to the other image. If you need another screencast, just yell.
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    Question Parsing this Json?

    I assume this is now resolved?
  7. chrisjlocke1

    Resolved Merge two big files

    If the question has been answered elsewhere, this question should be marked as 'resolved', to stop people helping unnecessarily.
  8. chrisjlocke1

    Resolved How to set a ToolstripButton Image

    OK, so I created a new project. Hopefully this makes it easier to explain. If you add in the resx file, you can open it in VS, and export any image you want to reuse. When you add an image to a button, you can only select images already imported into the project...
  9. chrisjlocke1

    Question dot net program project

    OK, a solution that worked for me, and got the project loaded without errors. Click 'Project', 'Add Reference', select 'COM', and select 'Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8' (or whatever you have)
  10. chrisjlocke1

    Question dot net program project

    > it can show error Whats the error? Do you mean the 'adodb.connection is not defined' (x10 of those) On the PC you're opening this project on, do you have Microsoft Access libraries? The database is .mdb, which is MS Access (urgh). You need the libraries to open it. Also, the program is...
  11. chrisjlocke1

    Question what is the problem in my code? For Log in.

    > By the way their is an error here. Can you move the error box, or re-enter the line that begins "dim cmd as ..." as its hidden, and different from the line you originally posted. Does that line contain the 'con' object?
  12. chrisjlocke1

    Resolved How to set a ToolstripButton Image

    When you click a button, then 'image' on the properties grid, you can either add a local resource, or a project resource. If you're going to add a picture that could be used throughout your project, use the project resource. Icon images are usually 16x16 or 32x32 so relatively small - the...
  13. chrisjlocke1

    Resolved Help. Timer on form not working. Can't figure out why.

    > but the problem has been resolved Oh ... it helps if you mark the thread as 'Answered' or 'Resolved' and finalise it, otherwise idiots like me think its' still open and try and help. :| Does an animation really help when copying? Is a user going to stare at your screen constantly for seven...
  14. chrisjlocke1

    Question How to take the Date value from datagridview and transfer it to a label

    Also, if the user has clicked a cell (which they have as you're in cell content click) then you can use dtpur.Text = dgview.currentrow.Cells(2).Value.ToString Also, a couple of suggestions. If the cell content is blank (empty) then your code will fail - it cannot convert the .value to...
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    pop up message if theirs duplicate number when add or save

    So you're adding book number 1 (or asking the user to enter a book number). Will they know its 1? Usually, the computer will find a unique number for you. What happens if user A and user B both enter '1' for the book number? What happens if they choose 5, but book 5 already exists? Databases...
  16. chrisjlocke1

    Resolved Help. Timer on form not working. Can't figure out why.

    Just to reverse the direction ... rather than solve the problem that you think you're having, what are you trying to solve? Why are you having a timer kick off during a copy operation? Can you explain the 'I'm trying to ....' ? I'm worried you're asking how to get to Brighton from Sheffield...
  17. chrisjlocke1

    Question How to create multiple user accounts in database

    In the first SQL block, you're building a SQL statement... so what happens if the user is called "O'Brien" ? What happens if their name is "a';drop table users;" - you might want to try that (on a test database, obviously) You're using parameters in the second block ... why the different...
  18. chrisjlocke1

    Allow users to select between a Prod and Test database

    > I thought about having two connection strings Would the user log in to this application? How would the user switch between the two databases - via a selection at startup, or can they switch on the fly? Does your application have other general settings?
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