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  1. pedro_cesar

    Windows Localization Language

    Hello, I need to run a command on the shell that takes a parameter that changes with the language of the OS (English, Spanish, German, French....). Is there a way to get the language of the OS? P.S. the parameter I need is the "everyone" account name that's called "todos" in spanish an so on...
  2. pedro_cesar

    Serial Number Implentation

    I was looking around in the forum and couldn't find much about it. I need to implement an installation that prompts for a key and then checks it against a list of keys. I would like to code it in VB instead of C++ (which seems to be the preferred language for the task). I already added the...
  3. pedro_cesar

    Question Deplyment with SQl and Folders

    Thank you very much for your help, I'm happy to inform that I have completed the task. I now have another issue, but, although deployment-related, has nothing to do with this post, so I'm going to look around for it and then post if I can't find it. What I need is to implement a...
  4. pedro_cesar

    Question Deplyment with SQl and Folders

    The site you gave me contains a lot of usefull information. I have been cheking it out and found some other things I needed. I now come with a new issue, I have 2 sql scripts within a folder in a Windows Form Applicaction (inside the same solution as the setup project) and I need to read their...
  5. pedro_cesar

    Question Deplyment with SQl and Folders

    Thanks for the quick response, I'll get into it and post back any questions.
  6. pedro_cesar

    Question Deplyment with SQl and Folders

    Hello all, this is my first post, so please guide me if any mistake. I have to deploy some server-side configurations to support a client application. This configuration actually doesn't have to do more than copy a specific folder to a %programfiles% location and run SQL scripts. How can I do...
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