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    Cannot normally end a module using shell32.dll

    Reply to jmcilhinney Module Module1 Public Sub Main() process1() ' the task will not end here, just hangs Exit Sub '<<<<<<<<<<<<< the program hangs here End Sub Private Sub process1() Const ssfCONTROLS = 3 Dim ConnectionName As String = "Local Area Connection" Dim...
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    Cannot normally end a module using shell32.dll

    Help! I am trying to programatically enable and disable LAN connections. The code works just fine, BUT it hangs. All of the code is below. It is stripped down to perform only one function (turn off the LAN connection). How can I get this to end normally? I am interested because I ultimately...
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    Execute client script from behind code on server

    I have a client side html button: <button style="LEFT: 450px; POSITION: relative; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #8799cc" onclick="execute" type="button" id="button2" disabled>Crossload</button> It executes this script to run a local program on the client: <script language="VBScript"> sub execute set...
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