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    Comparing if two datatables are the same

    Hi There, I have two forms, each with a public datatable declared in them. To spare you the details of why, I want to know how I can compare the two datatables to see if they are equal. I need to know that all data in each datatable is exactly the same. I have tried the following, but to now...
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    Displaying html within a windows form

    Hi There, I have looked everywhere for help on this, but with no luck, so I'm hoping the lovely people here may be able to give me some pointers. I have some html text that I retrieve out of a database, and all I need to do is to be able to display the html formatted version of this text...
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    Shortcuts on the TabControl

    Hi There! On a windows form, I have a tabcontrol with several tabpages on it. What I want to do is be able to have "F1" set as a shortcut to the first tabpage, "F2" for the second etc. for all the tabpages. I tried setting up a keypress event for the actual form, but it never fired. Can I just...
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