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    Adding single quotes to dataset fields ready for input to table

    Hi I have a dataset (MyDataSet400) which I use as input to a SQL table called tblDRAAS400. I use the following code to loop through the dataset to populate the table. This works fine until one of the fields in the dataset contains an single quote, i.e. “O’BRIEN”. Here’s my code: Dim...
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    DataGrid - formatting a cell based on criteria

    Hi I’ve done some searching on DataGrids but I’m having trouble finding exactly what I need. Basically, I want to test each cell in a specific column for matching criteria and if matches, then change the colour of that cell. I have found out how to test all cells but I can’t pin down a...
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    Populating combo box via list box

    Hi I have a listbox called lstTableNames, which returns a list of all of the tables in my database. When I select the table in the list box, I want a combo box to return all of the fields in the selected table. For example, if I select “company” (a table in my database) from the listbox, I...
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