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    Resolved Help. Timer on form not working. Can't figure out why.

    I needed to create a Copy Dialog from scratch. It will (I hope) show the file/folder being copied with a Copy Animation (similar to the default UIDialog.) I created a form and put a PictureBox & Timer on it. I set the Timer default to Enabled and Interval to 150. Code was added (below) to the...
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    Question overwrite while using "UIOption.AllDialogs" when copying?

    I have a program that checks for a Backup folder when it starts, and if not found, prompts for you to create one. The copy process can take a long time, so I use the standard Windows copy dialog to show your progress: My.Computer.FileSystem.CopyDirectory(strSrcPath...
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    Question Quick Question: Object to display a form in a scrolling window?

    Is there a VB.Net object that lets you display a form in a scrollable window? TIA
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