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    if you want to open form x, you just need to declare form x and open form x in the form you want to open from. Such as, you are on form y and want to open form x dim fx as new formx me.close() from form x you want to open form z dim fz as new formz fx.close() and so...
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    I don't know why it doesn't show. How many forms do you have? you have to specific which form you want open. You can check . This may help. Good luck
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    Datagrid Display

    can you share your code? Thanks
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    Filling a Drop Down List Box Properly

    I have State table in my database. I filled my dropdownlist with my states: Function MyQueryMethod() As System.Data.DataSet Dim connectionString As String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Ole DB Services=-4; Data Source=C:\"yourdatabasefileName".mdb" Dim dbConnection As...
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    Loop through Dynamic Controls

    I have the same problem, but it says "Textbox is not member of System.UI.WebControls....." I don't know what you try to do through your textboxes. In my ap, I want to validate user input such as requirement fields, phone # and email addresses are in right format. So that, I used validators...
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    you can try like this 'in login form when login button click dim f2 as new form2 me.close()
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    Toolbar problems

    I am just guessing Maybe you did not have any trigger even in your messagebox buttons control. For instance, when Ok is something abort etc.
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    Problem with updating data to MS Access. Need help

    Thank you. It works now. I just change fill syntax a little bit. Instead off Me.OleDbDataAdapter1.Fill(CustomerDataset11.Tables("Customer")) I changed to Me.OleDbDataAdapter1.Fill(CustomerDataset11) somehow it works.
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    Problem with updating data to MS Access. Need help

    Ouch, I already have those lines below, but I have another problem occurs that says "Could not lock file" even though i added full control for ASP.NET user 'OleDbUpdateCommand1 Me.OleDbUpdateCommand1.CommandText = "UPDATE Customer SET Address = ?, City = ?, Cust_ID = ?, Email = ?, Fax = ...
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    Problem with updating data to MS Access. Need help

    Thanks for your help. However, would you please tell me what update statement for my dataadapter is? Is that my dataadapter.update(my dataset.getChanges(datarowstate.added)) ?
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    Problem with updating data to MS Access. Need help

    I tried to save/update my data from textbox to my access database. I don't know what wrong with my code. Nothing new record in my database, even though no error when i run my application. Could somebody help me? thanks Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As...
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