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    Question sending a link in an email

    Greetings, I am developing an app that requires users to register to use. I request an email address to which I send a clickable link that allows the user to then register a userID and a password. All works well EXCEPT...when the link appears in the recipient's mail it also contains...
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    Question Identification of local drive from website

    I have an application that catalogs .jpg images according to 12 criteria. The application resides on a website. Rather than upload all of the images to the website from a local drive for cataloging, I would like to access the .jpgs as they reside on the local drive. I have been unable to get...
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    Question Baffled by results of downloadfile --- need suggestions

    Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition. Behind code is I am using DownLoadFile to copy a file from my website to my local PC. I have enclosed the process in try/catch/end try. I receive no errors. Upon completion of the process I check for the existence of the file at...
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    Question Image positioning

    I have developed a app for a sports memorabalia collection that allows a user to select criteria (year, manufacturer, team, etc.) from various sources on the screen (comboboxes, textboxes). Based upon the selected criteria, the application reads a directory that contains .jpg images that...
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