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    how to name vairables with a loop?

    hello all. I have several arrays like this; Boxes1(13) boxes2(13) boxes3(13) boxes4(13) Is their an easier way to express this? or some way to enumerate the arrays with a number with a for loop? I cannot figure it out. any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Justin
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    filling in empty array sections

    Hi all I am writing a program that turns a text weather forecast into tabular data. I use regex to split the forecast into elements, then place then into an array with a few loops. I am having one problem though. I use a loop to place the max temp and min temp into the array and fill in the...
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    Nested if statement help

    Hi all, I am having a problom that i am unable to solve, hopefully someone can point me in the reight direction. I have a loop that is going from 1 to an unknown number stured in a variable called NumberOfLines. I need to use an if statement because if the output is anegitive number then it...
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    problom drawing string

    How would I draw and array of 24 numbers if I do not want to start numbering at 00 I want the first number to be 12 and last number to be 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18... after 24 go to 01
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    rectangle array

    Hi, I wrote a simple program using GDI+ that places two rectangles on the screen based on values typed in two textboxes. I did this by creating 24 rectangles 10 pixels apart and drawing the rectangle that coorisponds with the typed int32 when a button is pressed. Now I want all the...
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    hiding images

    How can I set a timer to hide an image when a certian hour occurs for instance i want gifimage1.visable=false when the system time is between 12:00-12:59
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    Gdi+ Animation Loops

    Hi all I have written an app that draws a line from a startpoint and an endpoint based on values typed in two textboxes. I placed a airplane at the beginning of the line and I want to use the timer call and a loop to move the airplane along the line until it gets to the end in 2 second...
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