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    Playing audio files in ASP.NET

    Well so far I can create a audio device in ASP.NET and then play it. However this only plays wav files. I would like to play more files such as mp3 and others if it is possible. I'm not sure how to do this. Any ideas? cmilton
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    emailing in .net

    Email Sending You can either do this by calling a SQL Stored procedure that will sort the infromation and triger the email process. I don't have any sample code for that however. But if you want to send it directly from the code I built a vb script that you can use to make it work. It uses...
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    HELP:Moving directories/files across domains

    move across Volumes You can't go across volumes on a director.move or file.move. The volume is considered to be the C drive or what ever drive the location you are copying from is considered. So if you call a file.move you can't it throws a error. Unfortunitly I am having the same problem so I...
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