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    How to find WebRequest response time?

    There is no any api method available to do this because as i said in previous post it is highly un certian , therefore only possible method is to use standard techinique to invoke the current time before and after the GetResponse method becuase this method actually brings the results from web...
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    How to find WebRequest response time?

    Will you explain , do u need to get the response time ahead of loading the page, as for as i think it is uncertain as when you are working in internet enviornment it is always uncertian and depends upon the different parameters, However few workarounds is possible that can inject some custom...
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    From String to StringBuilder

    If i raise my eyes, i would dig more deeper to answer ayozzohero! actually the String class is designed in such a way that it can use even stack while storing the characters and hence we need a new copy while shanging the contents. as for as String Builder is concern if u use Append and...
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    Best method to kill a thread

    Actually what can i understand is that , though u seem to be doing right but actually after calling the abort method, system caution the thread (login thread) to terminate but i suppose u have created a send request to remote host in that method, which suspend its execution to another thread...
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    Help with variables!!!

    My Dear Look at first answer, just put ur code inside a Try Catch Block, but what i m thinking that u r asking some thing else plz elaborate ur question
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    Help in Video App

    Hi! I am working over the conversion of MP4 to AVI files, i need a help about it (especially codecs guidelines) so if any one has already work over it, can he help me to pin out any codec available that can convert my MP4 files into AVI files (oh yeah i am willing to purchase the codec as well)
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    Simple OO Design Question...

    Yeah he is right you can go in the following way MovieCollection -> contains the videos [could be catagorized] Movie->A DVD/CD could be an interface MovieFactory->to create a movie concerte object ->Then you can make more inhertied types as well Like CD,DVD, and so on(concerte types)...
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    Changing contents the TextBoxes simultanously

    ha ha ha yeah you are right , but some time you have to see some context specific problem and i m in one of them as well, otherwise i do understand there is DateTimePciker Control and one thing i m from VC as well and we have them on our tool box in VC6 as well.
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    Changing contents the TextBoxes simultanously

    hay i have other text boxes in that form as well and this will not work if i have to exclude so many textboxes in my for each
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    Confused - Data Submits

    so what i got from ur explaination , it will be a structure like that Table 1 [OrderID] ---> Table2 [OrderID] 1--->Many Table 2 [OrderID,WorkID] --> Table3[OrderID,WorkID] 1--->Many and now i m looking your problem thnx for taking ur time :)
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    Confused - Data Submits

    hi if u r much experianced then i m surprised to see u stil persist on this design look at the matter, as general Third table should have relation either One to Many or Many to One but as u are trying to design it will say like this that Table2 and Table3 are linked with each other thorugh...
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    Confused - Data Submits

    first of all going to other issues , i should say your db desing is not pragmatic because how u can link to tables with ciruclar reference i dont understand it at all. i advice you to rethink over ur design
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    Changing contents the TextBoxes simultanously

    Hi! i have seven text boxes which shows the in time for each day of the week , now when i want to provide the user to facility that if he changes the time of any one of them , a pop up message opne p and asks should he want to apply the same time in all the other days, if yes then i have iterate...
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    ' First Chance Exception' occered in my code

    Try to put try catch around your suspected and then print the StackTrace from exception object
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    VS 2005 Beta 2 install from CDs

    yeah i got the two DVDs along with a CD of WeFly247 and i think you are also getting the same pack just look at it again.
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    Can you install vs2005 along side vs2003?

    yeah even i work with SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 so found no problem either in VS or SQL so go on and test them but by the way i still prefer to use VS2003 unless we need Team Server.
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    ' First Chance Exception' occered in my code

    ok dont worry, please can u put some stack trace of it so that i can inspect what could be the source of error is !!!
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    loading a combobox with Listarray

    First of all, in your structure try to provide properties of your both fields like Name , CodeValue and then you have to implement your own custome collection class like Public Class ListCodesCollection inherits CollectionBase 'then override two methods into the class i.e. Public...
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    ' First Chance Exception' occered in my code

    yes kulrom advised rightly, if still not able to solve the error , please post the code segment which is source of error
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    Adding Blank line to Combo Box

    yeah i am gussing what he wants, and i am also looking a solution but not a for each loop :) Actually blank line does not mean there will be no contents, we are facing similar sitution so i will explain u bit more, we need to add at start an item with text (------) which is surely not coming...
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