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    Client/Server App won't launch on Windows 10 (Event 1026).

    The app won't even launch. The job of the CLR is to load the app as per manifest, launch it, then transfer control to it, is it not?. In this case, it hasn't completed loading it. It is not the CLR's job to second guess what the app may or may not do. That is up to the app at runtime. The...
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    Client/Server App won't launch on Windows 10 (Event 1026).

    I hope someone out there can help me. I have a big client/server app written with VS 2010 and it won't launch on Windows 10. This app is running on my Win 7 and client's Win 7 PCs since 2014 but it is time to upgrade and I get this problem after I installed it on a Win 10 PC and launch...
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    VS 2005 ADO Problems?

    Background: I am working with an application imported from VS 2002 into VS 2005. I have 2 problems with ADO and perhaps someone can help me. 1. Column in a SQL 2000 DB Table inside a dataset does not change. I expanded a column in a SQL DB Table from "smallint" to "integer". Then, I right...
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    Crystal Report Document Print options

    msvidron, Perhaps you should ask the makers of Crystal Reports (Business Objects). What comes with VS 2005 is a slim version of Crystal Reports V10. Only they can answer what it can or cannot do. I don't have this problem because I never used the feature.
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    Data Sources box keeps expanding - Annoying

    Thanks jmcilhinney, I had a feeling it was a bug, but since I am new in VS 2005, I was'nt sure if I was doing something wrong. Thanks again.
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    Data Sources box keeps expanding - Annoying

    IDE question. Many many times (but not all the time), when I expand the Solutions Explorer, then right click a form, the Data Sources box expands instead. When I expand the Solutions Explorer again and right click the desired form again, it is OK and I can choose to display either the code or...
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    Crystal Report Document Print options

    Manual Paper Source Sorry about my ignorance, but I can't seem to understand the problem. I looked at my Crystal Reports and I can't find a property of "Manual Feed". When I click the printer icon, a printer dialogue box appears, and from there, I can select a paper source of "Manual Feed". If...
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    Reporting basics?

    Crystal Report Solutions I have not created any Crystal Reports in VS 2005 yet, but I have a few in VS 2002. It makes reporting database data a bit easy. Here is how; 1) Add a Crytal Report report file to your project (Expand Solutions Explorer + Add Components + Crystal Report). 2) Paint the...
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    VS 2005 Woes - Lost program code.

    A tip to those with a need to delete a Datatable from a Dataset. Backup your program before you do it. Background: I am working with an application imported from VS 2002 into VS 2005. When I deleted a Datatable from a Dataset, all the code I wrote in the past 3 days including the designed...
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    How to convert string to date_time format?

    String to date conversion Try this: dim dteDateTimeValue as DateTime dteDateTimeValue = DateTime.Parse(strWork1) ' strWork1 contains a date in string format.
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    VS 2002 vs VS 2005 - can't get started

    Never mind this problem, I found the solutions. Thanks to all who thought about it. 1) Configuration Manager - in Tools + Options - 2 Check Boxes "Show Advanced Build Options" & "Always Show Solution". Checked these & I see what I always see in VS 2002. 2) Empty Toolbox - I was looking for these...
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    Public Variables in VB.Net

    Public Variables I put all my PUBLIC variables in SubMain. It is the 1st one to wake up, stays awake, and last to sleep. Nowadays, I no longer have PUBLIC variables, I changed them all to FRIENDs. I also prefix all these variable with a "g" to distinguise them from all other variables.
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    VS 2002 vs VS 2005 - can't get started

    I've been using VS 2002 for awhile and now I installed VS 2005 Pro. I went back to using VS 2002 because there are things I can't resolve with 2005. 1) I can't find the Configuration Manager where it used to be a right click on the Solution Explorer. The SE now just shows the project where it...
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