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    Help in Video App

    Hi! I am working over the conversion of MP4 to AVI files, i need a help about it (especially codecs guidelines) so if any one has already work over it, can he help me to pin out any codec available that can convert my MP4 files into AVI files (oh yeah i am willing to purchase the codec as well)
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    Changing contents the TextBoxes simultanously

    Hi! i have seven text boxes which shows the in time for each day of the week , now when i want to provide the user to facility that if he changes the time of any one of them , a pop up message opne p and asks should he want to apply the same time in all the other days, if yes then i have iterate...
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    WinXP SP 2 and SQL Server Connection

    i have installed MSDE and SQL Server 2K client on my winXP Pro it was working fine but when i install SP2 , i m un able to connect to SQL Server from my IDE or code even tough i can run manager or other services of it. when i gooogles i found that SP2 restricts the acccess to SQL Server due...
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