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    Client/Server App won't launch on Windows 10 (Event 1026).

    I hope someone out there can help me. I have a big client/server app written with VS 2010 and it won't launch on Windows 10. This app is running on my Win 7 and client's Win 7 PCs since 2014 but it is time to upgrade and I get this problem after I installed it on a Win 10 PC and launch...
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    VS 2005 ADO Problems?

    Background: I am working with an application imported from VS 2002 into VS 2005. I have 2 problems with ADO and perhaps someone can help me. 1. Column in a SQL 2000 DB Table inside a dataset does not change. I expanded a column in a SQL DB Table from "smallint" to "integer". Then, I right...
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    Data Sources box keeps expanding - Annoying

    IDE question. Many many times (but not all the time), when I expand the Solutions Explorer, then right click a form, the Data Sources box expands instead. When I expand the Solutions Explorer again and right click the desired form again, it is OK and I can choose to display either the code or...
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    VS 2005 Woes - Lost program code.

    A tip to those with a need to delete a Datatable from a Dataset. Backup your program before you do it. Background: I am working with an application imported from VS 2002 into VS 2005. When I deleted a Datatable from a Dataset, all the code I wrote in the past 3 days including the designed...
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    VS 2002 vs VS 2005 - can't get started

    I've been using VS 2002 for awhile and now I installed VS 2005 Pro. I went back to using VS 2002 because there are things I can't resolve with 2005. 1) I can't find the Configuration Manager where it used to be a right click on the Solution Explorer. The SE now just shows the project where it...
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