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    DGV not formatting decimals

    I had my DGV working exactly the way I wanted it to. Now it's broken and I can't figure out what's wrong. My form load has this and it was working great.... 'format DGV1 formulated colums for proper number type Me.DGV1.Columns.Item(4).DefaultCellStyle.Format = "n1"...
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    VS Version Question

    I ran into something unexpected on two levels and seek some advice from experienced VS programmers before to make an informed decision. My partner and I are developing a VB2010 app with the Express version. He's doing he hardware interface portion because that's what he does. A problem surfaced...
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    combobox bound to data and edit form

    On my main form I have a combobox that is bound to data in an access.mdb. The combobox displays a list of items in the database. I use another form to add / edit the items displayed in the combobox on the main form. After editing / adding an item, the combobox on the main form does not...
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    Apply code to multiple textboxes

    This is some of jmcilhinney's work that I found elsewhere. I would like to apply this to several text boxes on a form. This link talks about that process but uses slightly different code that I have been advised to avoid. Force only number entering in textboxes-VBForums Ok.. the code example...
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    Code efficiency

    Is there a better, shorter way to write code like this Select Case True Case CheckBox1.Checked = True Me.Chart1.Series(0).Points.Clear() Me.Chart1.Series(1).Points.Clear() Me.Chart1.Series(2).Points.Clear()...
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    switching between open forms

    In it's current state, my app will display multiple forms at the same time but you can only access the last form opened. How does one allow for having multiple forms open and allow switching between them?
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    DGV shows one empty row on form open

    When the form is opened, the DGV on the form displays 1 empty row. I can't figure out why that row is being displayed and don't want it there. I've looked into subs, load and a grid validation sub for clues. Have commented everything out that had anything to do with the grid. Also looked...
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    Add code to the form close

    How do you access the X on forms to put some code in the close event? I don't want to add another button.
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    DGV bottom row?

    How do you refer to the bottom row in a DGV? Scenario: I need to refer to the very last row a DGV to apply some code to it. As data is added that bottom row's index will change [correct ?] Rows get added via a button control as data is captured. So that bottom row is always a moving target...
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    Infinity / Divide by Zero

    I have a situation where dividing by zero can't be avoided until the user enters a value into a textbox. My DGV formulated cell values need the textbox value to complete their math functions. Thus until that happens, "Infinity" populates the respective DGV cells...I read a few articles on how...
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    formatting with decimal places

    I've looked at numerous formatting examples...some with minimal code...some not... Thinking if I can nail this formatting here then I can eliminate all the code to format the DGV cells that I have been using. 'Valve Diameter Change Dim vdiam = Val(Me.TextBox1.Text) Dim varea...
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    More broken code from option strict fiasco..

    I thought I had things all working....WRONG I have turned off Option Strict now.. This code copies data from a datagrid on the main form to a datagrid on the dataanalysis form... NOT ANYMORE. It throws no errors and the confirmation messagebox pops up on the screen like it's supposed to if...
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    How to get rid of NaN

    I have a bunch of formulas in my code. Some are in DGV Cells and some in texboxes. In some before the all the data is processed it shows NaN and I'd prefer it didn't do that. This formula doesn't do show NaN in the textbox Private Sub TextBox9_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal...
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    errors after turning on option strict

    This all worked until today when I turned on the option "strict" in the debugger. I'm simply taking the text from a radio button on the form and entering it into the last column of the DGV. It's used as an identifier for that particular row's data source values. I had to add the ".ToString"...
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    Print form to print preview with page setup

    Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Me.PrintForm1.PrintAction = (Printing.PrintAction.PrintToPreview) Me.PrintForm1.Print(Me, PowerPacks.Printing.PrintForm.PrintOption.ClientAreaOnly) End Sub I want...
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    when I run debug it doesn't throw errors

    Ok.... how come when I run debug it doesn't throw errors on either of those lines? .... Do I not have something configured correctly in Options?
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    datavisualization chart area modifications

    I would like to enlarge the actual chart area of a chart. The system leaves a lot of dead space that could be utilized. Looking at chart properties / chart area / collections ...there's a setting for inner plot position. It's set to auto 100 / 100. I set auto to false and tried to increase the...
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    Form Size

    Is there a specific form size that you seasoned programmers lean toward when you're designing a new application?
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    Splash Scree Issue

    I created a Splash Screen for my application. Initially after creating it, things seemed to function as they did before it was created....with regard to debugging. That is to say when the startup screen was closed, the debugger stopped. Now for some reason the splash screen is remaining open...
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    Hide Chart Series by clicking on series legend

    Here's one for you advanced charting guys.....once of which I am NOT.. In my charts I show the series in the legend. It would be a really cool feature if I could allow the user to click on the series in the legend and have it hide, then show that series in the chart. Is is relatively easy or...
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