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  1. Deva

    Help me out to clear error

  2. Deva

    select the row by up and down arrow key?

    i want select the row by up and down arrow key without clicking mouse and with input textbox by a keydown method please help me in coding
  3. Deva

    Is it safe method to connect database in online?

    Is it safe method to connect mysql database in online using ? help me out is there is any other way ? Public MysqlConnection As String = "Data Source=.;Database=newDatabase;User Id=root; Password=admin"
  4. Deva

    Question how to print json data to datagridview?

    1. i have php file in server and its returns echo json_decode() output 2. then i want to access the php file from server to my application 3. i want to print json output to my application 4. i can also able to search the value from output and also pass parameter/argument to php file
  5. Deva

    Question when i import data from excel and dump to sqlite database Database locked error occured

    Imports System.Data.OleDb Imports System.Data.SQLite Public Class Form1 Private Function saveData(sql As String) Dim Sqliteconn As SQLiteConnection = New SQLiteConnection("Data Source=C:\Users\deva\source\repos\Sqlite\Sqlite\bin\Debug\Config.db;version=3;") Dim cmd As...
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