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  1. rbreidenstein

    access msi database vb .net vs2k5

    I seen the code in vbs, but I haven't seen any examples of accessing the msi database using vb .net code. I attempted by adding a reference to the msi.dll, this created the windowsinstaller object. When i tried to open the database I couldn't b/c I couldn't create a new...
  2. rbreidenstein

    get row id from select array

    i pull info into an array by doing a "array = = 'content')" i see array(0).rowid but i cannot pul this information out ? any suggestions on how-to?
  3. rbreidenstein

    window handles

    I am attempting to invoke a sub through a delegate from a seperate class. When i try to run the code is says that a window handle needs to be created. Can someone point me in the right direction? Invoke(New form1.Delegate(AddressOf Form1.DeltaProperty), _...
  4. rbreidenstein

    Multi Column ListBox

    in vs 2005 i cannot determine how-to add items to the multi column list box. i see the property in the properties of the listbox and i set it to true for multicolumn, but still no success. any suggestions?
  5. rbreidenstein

    multithreading not working?

    I am attempting to learn how to multithread and i am making this as a simple sample. but it doesn't work, the threads run one after the other instead of thread2 completing before thread1. any suggestions? Imports System.Threading Public Class Form1 Public Delegate Sub StepProgressBar()...
  6. rbreidenstein

    value of type string cannot be converted to systems.collections.array

    I am attempting to pull information out of a database and into an array. When setting the array = to the field in the database i want it gives me this error "value of type string cannot be converted to systems.collections.array" I googled and checked microcraps website, nothing came up. any...
  7. rbreidenstein

    connecting to access database with workgroup file

    does anyone have some example code for vs 2k5 to connect to an access database with a workgoup file?
  8. rbreidenstein

    check if a string contains another string

    I want to be able to say this: if stringA contains stringB then do something else do something different end if stinga will have many words in it and stringb may have one or many.
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