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    VB6 to (RegSvr32,RegAsm issue)

    Hi, I have third party application which was written in C++. the C++ application calls VB6 (windows) application. VB6 Application name: LIFE.DLL I took VB6 application and i wrote similar application in (class library) and made that assembly COM visible and added COM class, SNK file. I...
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    Module Variables Issue

    HI, I am having some problem with Module level Public variables. I have a Windows Application (Developed in Visual Studio 2005, (Intially it was VB6 application we converted it using conversion tool). I exiting this App from VB6 ActiveX Dll. I am calling a class in app...
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    GridView with Recordset

    Hi, I have Vb6 Dll returning a Recordset and I want bind that to GridView, How can I do that? Any example? Thanks
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    Form tags

    Hi Guys, Please look at this.. <html> <head> </head> <body> <Table > <tr> <td>I have some controls here..</td> </tr> </form> <Form action="One.aspx" method="post" onSubmit="CalculateF()"> <input type="hidden" name="txtFirst" value=""> <input type="hidden" name="txtSecond" value=""> <tr>...
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    Array Values

    Hi, I am getting a Array of Values from dll. The Array containes all types of values.. I am displaying data on aspx page from that array. Problem is, Arr(0,5) is returning 0.0 {Double} Arr(1,5) is returning "" {String} While displaying data in aspx page.. I wrote. Dim totAll as...
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    Upgrade (Event order changing)

    Hi, I have upgraded VB6 to 2005. In VB6 I have a ComboBox for Country List, and Event called "cboCountry_GotFocus". Private Sub cboCountry_GotFocus() If txtAddress.text = "" then MsgBox "Enter Address First", , App.Title txtAddress.SetFocus End if End Sub Above event fires, once...
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    Print (some Area of the Form)

    Hi, I have a Form (VS 2005), and i want to print some part of the form while printing.. I am able to print complete form now, with Minimize, Maximize Button, Title Bar.. I don't want all those.. See attached Images Form.jpg is the Form Print.jpg is the Output (Print), I needed.. Note: The...
  8. N calling Vb6

    Hi Hi, The code i gave here, is working fine and opening VB6 Application, only problem is, once i close Vb6 application, the application also closing.. and Vb6 application should return addr.intIsRunning, (See below VB6 Code) i think its not returning a value to
  9. N calling Vb6

    HI, I have a (2005) Application which is converted from Vb6 Application. The Vb6 Application is calling another Vb6 Application on button click and performing some action, once the second application closes, the control is back to first Vb6 application. Can I use / call Vb6 application...
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    Array in DataGrid

    Hi, I have Array of values and i want to populate them into DataGrid. Array is like this (in rows) 1st Row: One 500 40% Description 2nd Row: Two 600 34% bla bla . . . Nth Row: XYZ 898 47% something How to show this in Grid? Thanks
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    How to do databasing

    Hi, I have requirment like this, i want to populate data onto Windows Form from Database Table, once data is displayed onto Form, the user should be able to do some maniplataions on data displayed.. for example here.. ( i am taking one Row here) Type(E/H) Amount Percent Choose **...
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    Textbox Array

    Hi, I have a VB6 form converted into (2005). The for has row of textboxes populated from datbase, like EmpNo EmpName Salary Department Job DOB 1 ABC 5000 IT SE 1980 2 XYZ 4500 IT SE 1981 Each value in row will be populated...
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    Highlight Text

    Hi HI, Thanks for reply, i forgot to mention one thing here.. in my form Textboxes will create at runtime, based on number of records in DB. thanks
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    Highlight Text

    How Hi, How to make it common, i.e if i have 10 Textboxes in my Form, i want a single method which works for all.. Thanks
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    Highlight Text

    Hi HI, Is it works for all controls. like in VB6 ActiveControl.SelStart = 0 ActiveControl.SelLength = Len(ActiveControl) Thanks
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    Highlight Text

    Hi, I need code which Highlights Text in TextBox, or in any other controls once user places Mouse in it.. Thanks Jen
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    Running on REDHAT LINUX

    Hi, I developed application using VB.NET. How to run this on Rehat Linux. I heard that there is one Framework released.. Thanks
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