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    web forms as objects?

    I have MANY forms to write, which really isn't a problem, but I don't want to create a seperate page for each form. I'm wondering is there a way to write the forms as a class or its own object (maybe even a template) and then call it based on some criteria of a drop-downlist the user selects...
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    reference vb variable in Javascript?

    I have a variable i created in vb code in my aspx page, and down the page i wanna reference the value of that variable inside some javascript code I wrote. Not entirelly sure how to handle it though. Thanks!!!
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    ActiveX dll

    Hey I need to create an activeX dll for some software I'm customizing, but I don't see a way to do it... Do I create a new windows application and then add the reference? It tells me to start a Visual Studio project type of ActiveX dll but I don't see that project type in the list of...
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    Updating XML

    I'm looking for a point in the right direction, or a tutorial would be great... On how to load an xml file into, and then search for a particular string, and replace it with whatever I want, and then save the xml file for further use. This will be for a web application more than...
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    copy and rename files

    Whats teh easiest way to copy a file, and then rename it, then incorporate it back into my project? Everytime I do I get problems with class names and stuff. When I try SAVE AS it just renames the old file, not making a new one. Thanks!
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    datagrid not filling up

    Usually I create my dataset, dataadapter manually in Visual Studio, but in this case, I need the dataadapter.SelectCommand to give me only rows that one column matches the value of a textbox on the webform. But it wouldn't let me do that, so I tried manualy coding the dataadapter, and dataset...
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    navigate through sql records problem

    Everything you said makes perfect sense, but its telling me that my me.BindingContext is not a member of ProjectName.WebFormName I even tried adding this to my form: Imports System.Windows.Forms to import the namespace, but it tells me my namespace isn't valid. Is something seriously...
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    navigate through sql records problem

    txtMI.DataBindings.Add(New System.Windows.Forms.Binding("Text", Me.DataSetName, "MI")) Visual Studio doesn't like that line, especially the, says its not a member. Remember I'm using Vb.NET and kinda noobish, I tried importing it, but theres no
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    navigate through sql records problem

    Looks simple enough :) thank you! But where do I add the binding to the txtbox? in the pageload? Thanks again!!
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    navigate through sql records problem

    Have a problem and can't put my finger on how to get it to work. I'm making a webform, in the webform there are textbox controls. I'll use 3 for this example. txtFirstName txtMI txtLastName I also have a SQL table, (connections already created and working) where i have 3 columns...
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    Filling txtbox with selected index of datagrid

    Yay Just as I got your msg it dawned on me what I was doing wrong. First of all, its :) Here's the answer though, you were really close, and I greatly appreciate your answer. txtRecId.Text = dgRecs.SelectedItem.Cells(1).Text :) Thanks again friend.
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    Filling txtbox with selected index of datagrid

    I have textboxes, and when I select a line of a datagrid, I want to fill the textboxes with the index values of the selected line. I use to have this working, but I made some changes, now its all messed up. Here's some code. Private Sub dgRecs_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal...
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