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    Question Creating Custom Types

    I am having a hard time phrasing this question, but I'll do my best to... I am making a custom dialog box and I have a sub: Public Sub Display(ByVal Title as String, ByVal Message as String, ByVal Type as DialogType) End Sub Well want I want is, when I get to the parameter, for it to pop up...
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    Question Login validation error

    I need help with this bit of coding. Everytime it loads, it loads perfects and when you enter the correct credentials it works perfect. However when you enter the wrong credentials, the login window pops back up again, but when you enter the right credentials it displays the correct message box...
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    Question VB.Net to VBScript

    Is it possible to convert code from to vbscript? I have, basically, a windows form in but it is only a dialog box. The dialog box just has a few labels on it, two buttons, and two textboxes. When the user hits "okay" (button) it uses the "System.IO.StreamWriter" to write a text...
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    Question Loading back and fore color by name from a .txt file problem!

    Hello, I am having a minor problem with my code. Basically what it does is allows you to change the color (using the "colordialog" code) of the form backcolor and forecolor, and also writes the name of that color to a .txt file so when you exit the form, it saves the colors you chose. When the...
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