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    example: if i want to calculate the date due for an item,how can i do it? iszit possible to add current date to the no of days(for loan) to calculate the date due? can anyone , pls help.thanks alot.
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    if i have a txtbox which allow me to choose video, vcd, and dvd.then when i choose (example)video, and submit into the database,instead of inserting the word,video,iszit possible that when insert, the word is '1' NOT VIDEO. THANKS.
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    record tracking

    when i view my data, my record tracking item will increase/decrease its position. after i click next or previous.but if i search a data which is (example) record 4 my record tracking will not be state will remain unmoved.and if after the search button i click the next/prev record, it prompt...
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    previous and next button

    is there any other way to write the codes for buttons(next, and previous button to view record) if i dont have dataset?thanks
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    For txt box, i can set it to read only by using the below code, txtCustID.ReadOnly = True but how to set it if it is for comboxbox? anyone can help me..thanks
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    i am doing a search page which can fill all the textfield.but if will encounter problem when i run the program,if i not wrong, problem lies with the reader part. The problem state: An unhandled exception of type 'System.InvalidCastException' occurred in Additional...
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    problem with search engine

    i am doing search engine and can i have problem retriving data in the textfields after i press the search button. here the code i write Dim strConn As String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=C:\Documents and Settings\Yee\My Documents\Assignment2.mdb" Dim MySQL As String =...
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    question abt class library

    juz wanna check the output type at the properties of the sloution explorer,if i choose class library ,wat does that mean.. cos i was doing on window application, does that mean that i cant choose class library as my output type
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    i got a form got main menu. then another form call customer. but the thing is how cum after i close the customer form,and i go bk to the main menu and click the navigation to open the customer form, it wouldnt work. it give me error the code i use is: can anyone help me?
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    in a single win form, it iszit possible to get information from two diff table in the access? will it work?..
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    edit/view form(help)

    juz wanna ask some questions. i have one form, which allow me to view customer particular. at the form, there are 2 button, view button and edit button. wanna check iszit possible that when i press the view button, all the fields are only read file oni.and when i press the edit button, the...
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    all the validation below will work if i have any missing will prompt me. but the thing is after it prompt me the error, i enter the correct value,but how cum the validation txt would be still be there after the correct value had been enter? how to make it disappeared? pls help...
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    integrating database to the window application

    juz wanna check is this the correct way to integrate the database(access) to my cos when i try it, it doesnt work. and when i wanna view(eg.customer particular record) after pressing the view button, how can i do it..cos i try,but really cant work out..can i know wat code is required...
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    reset button

    wat are the coding for the reset button for window application ( i wan reset the all field that i enter.. cos currently i clearing each individual field which is there any other way.. thank
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    i need help.

    i am now working on window application on and i got a problem.. example inside my add customer form, i got the customer id field. now i wan to do is that, i would like the customer id no to autogenerated after the add customer button is press. so can anyone here help me to solve this...
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