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    Multiple dialog boxes

    My problem is this.: I have the following code in my form; Dim add As New Form2() add.ShowDialog(Me) If add.ShowDialog = DialogResult.OK Then quit = 0 End If This should open form2, then, depending on which button is pressed, should either set quit (integer) to 0. but when i run my...
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    Updating rows in a dataset

    How do i find a specific row in a dataset and update it using data from textboxes? I currently have the following code Private Sub btnEdit_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnEdit.Click, add.txtWords.Text)...
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    Closing forms

    How do i close a form so that it cannot be seen or used, all textboxes etc. are returned to their default values and it can be opened with Dim ... As New declaration. I tried this code: Dim form1 As New Form1() form1.Show() Me.Close() but this only brought up the second form without...
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    Help with XML

    Hi I am quite a novice programmer and i need a few pointers with XML. 1. Is it possible to populate a List bOx from a Dataset (Created from an XML file) 2. Is it possible to populate an ArrayList (Correct terminology?) from an XML Data table 3. Is it possible to write data to an XML File...
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