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  1. kulrom

    FYI DXperience v2010 vol 2 Review

    Hi guys, this is my second review of these controls, and it will be quite different than the first. A few months ago I was engaged by a client to develop a web based application. He asked me (I guess they all ask the same) to make it good looking and attractive. The first thing I thought of...
  2. kulrom

    Question Today's posts

    Where i can find this link? I remember earlier it was there and was very useful because the link, New Posts does not list the posts that you've read already. As soon as you read a new post it marks the post as read and is not listed in the New Posts search. Therefore you have to browse all...
  3. kulrom

    Source Code Control

    Hello Guys, I was wondering if you know any good source code control for MS Visual Studio? Maybe something like a SourceGear's Vault SourceGear : Vault : features ? Would be nice if it's open source. :) Thank you so much!
  4. kulrom 2005

    Hi Ladies and gentlemen, I want to only say that VS.NET 2005 (pro) rocks friends :eek: i am really surprised cuz i was observing entire process of beta(s) development and to be honest i was very sceptic about it. I thought it will be only one more trick from the bill gates's kitchen (tricks...
  5. kulrom

    VS.NET version

    I suppose this thread would have got only temporary character and it would act only for day or two. Namely, i noticed the same problem couple times and i want to ask everyone who post here to put a little note whether the question is related to project/s produced by vs.NET 2003 or 2005. I am...
  6. kulrom

    VS.NET version

    I suppose this thread would have got only temporary character and it would act only for day or two. Namely, i noticed the same problem couple times and i want to ask everyone who post here please edit your profiles setting the Primary Platform. .NET 1.0 (VS 2002), .NET 1.1 (VS 2003) or .NET...
  7. kulrom

    How to send a new thread

    Well, in past two days i received couple PMs where people are asking how to send a new thread. I know i know ti sounds silly but maybe all of us have been in such trouble at the beginning ;) step 1 pick up the forum that most suits to your question step 2 find the button "New Thread" and click...
  8. kulrom

    Beautify your application

    I noticed that many people are using pictures as background Unknowing that GDI+ Brushes are much better tool for drawing awsome backgrounds. Give it a try !!! Regards ;)
  9. kulrom

    How to add a help file to your application/s

    I though this may be useful for people who wants to add a help file to their applications Regards ;)
  10. kulrom

    Windows Forms FAQ I think this is very useful for the learners to get familiarity with the basic things about winForms in a practical sense Regards ;)
  11. kulrom

    VB6 commands and equivalent VB.NET methods

    Hi, All I want to say is that you just have to actually remove the reference to the Microsoft.VisualBasic assembly from a VB.NET project. I'm telling this becuase I still find way too many developers writing VB6 code in .NET (or they are using the overdated code found through internet without...
  12. kulrom

    img tag

    I wonder if you could able the img tag within signature ... thanks in advance
  13. kulrom

    custom level text

    After how many posts i can have a custom level text ... i.e. instead Forum Moderator i want to add my custom text? Thanks in advance
  14. kulrom

    XP Office 2003 Style

    I thought maybe you'll be interested Cheers ;)
  15. kulrom

    101 Visual Basic .NET Code Samples

    Hi, 101 Visual Basic .NET Code Samples provides a large group of well categorized and documented examples of code. This is a very useful resources when it comes to code sharing so, before you post about any subject it's maybe useful if you first take a look at these code samples...
  16. kulrom

    Read/Edit/Writte from within XML

    Take a look at this "only two lines code" project - Read/Edit/Writte from within XML file and let me know if you like it ... i would try to give an explanation how it can be achieved. Cheers ;)
  17. kulrom

    Useful to be known

    Often we are overlooking the obvious without knowing some facts/limitations about vb.NET (and not only for vb.NET but Windows too) For instance i found that this is useful to be known for all vb.NET programmers: If you are using Create method of Class File - note that path names are...
  18. kulrom

    disable right-click for attachment link

    Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to disable right-click for the attachment link in order to know exactely how many times an attachment was dwld. Thanks ;)
  19. kulrom

    Summer job

    Hi, I need a job! Actually, i need to be engaged in a sort of project/s durring my free time on the weekends and plus other days afternoon. I am on the computer throughout the day. So, if anyone need an outer developer for this summer please PM me or send me an e-Mail. Thanks in advance...
  20. kulrom

    Transparent Label

    Hi, This is an example about how to create transparent Label. Maybe you thought it's too expensive and hardcoding project, but it's actually only little trick/tip Happy coding ;)
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