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  1. SmokyRick

    Answered How to access the "help" from a button in code

    Hello - I have a button on my form which says "Help", and I would like it to access the same thing as when the user hits F1. I have a "Help Provider" which I am using for that purpose. I am programming with Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2017. How can I do this? Any help would be appreciated. I...
  2. SmokyRick

    Answered Create Database problem in SQL

    I am currently going through a tutorial book called Visual Basic and Databases by Philip Conrod and Lou Tylee. I am doing well with it and learning a lot from it. However, I have got to a point where I can not figure out what my computer is doing. I am trying to create a database using the...
  3. SmokyRick

    SQL server name?

    I am totally new to this database stuff. I am working in Visual Studio 2017 trying to link a database with a program. The name of the SQL Server seems to be a problem. I get the following exception when I try to run the program. From this and other errors I am thinking I have the name of...
  4. SmokyRick

    Question Library or Database ?

    I am making a new game. It will have several different good guys and several different bad guys, along with many different areas to visit. I am calling them Heroes, Enemies, and Rooms. Since I have so many different things to refer to I thought it would be good to use a group of class...
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