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    Installation Tutorial for SFML.Net 2.5 with Visual Studio 2019 and VB

    Hallo Lady's and Gentlemen, did anybody know aa installation Tutorial for SFML.Net 2.5 with Visual Studio 2019 and VB. Perhaps with a fiew lines of code to test the installation. Everything i found was massively outdated (8 years ago....)! Thank you very much for your help! Best regards...
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    Resolved RadioButtons in a dynamic created GroupBox

    Hallo experts, i'm a beginner. For learning purposes i craeted some RadioButtons and one GroupBox dynamically. This is working but i can show only one RadioButton in the GroupBox not all 5????? Please help me i have got no idea to solve this problem!:confused: Option Strict On Public Class...
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    Question Bitmap to Byte Array Strange Zeros

    Hi, i converted a bmp into a byte Array with a memorystream. No proplems, working fine. But when i'm displaying the Datas in the a datagridview there are some strange zero-values! Here is an image: Option Strict On Imports System.IO Public Class Form1 Private Sub...
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