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    Parent / Child Databinding Using Entity Framework 6.0

    Hi All, I am having trouble with what I expected to be quite a simple function of Entity Framework 6.0. That is Parent / Child (Master / Detail) Databinding to controls using DataGridViews. To explain my issue, here is a simple EDM that I am using generated from an SQL Server 2012 Database:-...
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    Multiple EDM's In a Single Project

    Hi, I am hoping that someone can give me some guidance when using multiple Entity Data Models (EDM?s) in a large project that I am needing to build. I am comfortable when using a single EDM but I seem to have got myself into a bit of a hole when trying to implement multiple EDM?s in a single...
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    Losing XCODE Tag Formatting

    Hi All, A quick question if I may. If I make a post and encase a block of code within XCODE Tags then that's fine. However, if I then edit that post to add something further all the code within those tags gets horribly messed up and the only way I can get round this is to re-add the whole...
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    Internet Explorer 10 on Wiondows 7 64-bit

    Hi All, My Windows 7 system has just done the usual update from Microsoft to add the usual fix's but to also INSTALL IE10. That's all fine, however when using this Forums dialog box's to post comments the Enter Key "Does Not Work Anymore" to add Carriage Returns to my comments????? I know...
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    VS / .NET Version Differences

    Hi All, I have come across a couple of issues recently trying to help people where the properties and methods that I have provided in code examples, which worked in my own version of VS (being VS2010 Ultimate), were not available and therefore did not work for other users in their installation...
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    Understanding Function Declaration

    Hi All, I saw a Function declaration on the forum this morning which I am not familiar with and am hoping for some guidance on its usage. This is what was posted on the forum:- Private Function FunctionName(Of T)(list As IEnumerable(Of T), count As Integer) As T() 'do work End Function...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Hi All, Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone on the forum. I have had a ball this year on the forum and have enjoyed learning from you all. Kindest regards and Good Luck in the forthcoming year. Ian :beer:
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    Who Is Working On A Post

    Hi Guys/Girls, Would it be possible to add an update to the forum to allow other users to see that someone is already working on a post knowing that it is going to take some time to construct an answer to be posted. As an example there was a post this morning that I knew was going to take...
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    Issue When Saving Edited Post

    Hi Guys/Girls, Some feedback on the forum for you if I may. If I need to edit a post that I have just sent, due to a spelling error etc, then sometimes the save button works but more often than not the save button has no affect and no update of my edited post is sent to the forum?. i.e...
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