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  1. Paszt

    resulting xcode table LineHeight too small

    In the table that results from using XCODE blocks, the css style has the line-height at 1.1em. In my browser, this causes the underscore to be hidden. It looks better when I change the line-height to 1.2em. 1.1em: 1.2em: The CSS as seen in Chrome Developer Tools:
  2. Paszt

    Question MVC2 — Group list of events by date and venue

    I'm using MVC2, .NET 3.5 and attempting to create a page that will display a list of events (as in calendar events) grouped by date and venue. is one example of such an events grouping. I've tried several methods such as IGrouping(Of IEnumerable(Of DateTime, Event)), but I keep...
  3. Paszt

    Structure of table with multiple foreign keys

    I'm creating a web app for managing projects. I have a users table with UserId (uniqueidentifier), FirstName, & LastName among other fields. Now I need to store data about the Project which will have an associated Project Manager, Sales Manager, Project Leader, Engineering Coordinator, and...
  4. Paszt

    Shared Hosting Speed

    Anyone have experience with shared hosting? I have a website for a funeral home that is using a shared hosting plan. It's a fairly simple site; mostly static pages, a couple of pages that pull info from a SQL server database to display obituaries and merchandise, and an admin section for...
  5. Paszt

    Filter by letter

    Does anyone know what it is called when you give the user a list of the letters in the alphabet at the top of a list (datagrid, datalist, ...) that gives them the ability to filter by a letter; like the member list on this site. I've got this implemented in an application but am not happy with...
  6. Paszt

    Host Department - Unlimited

    This deal seems to good to be true: -Disk space: no limit -bandwidth: no limit -mailboxes: no limit -MSSQL, MySQL, PgSQL: no limit and the cost: $10.95/month quarterly, $9.95/month semi-anually, $7.95/month anually. ASP.NET 2 included. Anyone...
  7. Paszt

    Using XML as dataSource

    I'm working on a website for a small Funeral Home ( and want to use XML as the dataSource for a few things such as staff directory. I'm thinking XML instead of SQL server because of the price of using a dataBase. But I still want the ability to edit, insert, and delete...
  8. Paszt

    DataSetDataSource dll location

    I have read about the System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataSetDataSource control on MSDN and want to check it out. However, it's not in my toolbox and I can't seem to locate it on my system. Does anyone have knowledge of this control? Can I add it to my toolbox? I am using Visual Web Developer 2005...
  9. Paszt

    VS 2005 Beta 2 install from CDs

    So I ordered the VS2005 Beta 2 CDs and received 3 CDs named VS2005-Team Suit, VS2005-Team Foundation Server, and SQLServer2005-Developer Edition. I assume that the actual IDE program is contained on the disk named VS2005-Team Suite but that CD is blank. I'm surprised to only receive 3 disks as...
  10. Paszt

    downloaded Zip files are corrupt

    Anyone else having trouble with corrupt zip files? I can't open any downloaded attachments in zip format. I'm able to download zip files from other sites but not this one. I've tried to download older ones that I have downloaded successfully in the past to no avail.
  11. Paszt

    Load one form into another

    Does anyone know how to load one form into another form, so that it appears similar to a panel? I read an article a bit back that showed how but can't find it again. A google search on "Load form in form" returns many results, most explaining the load event of a form, not what I want.
  12. Paszt

    Use .NET for Pocket PC 2000?

    I have a Jornada 540 series pocket PC and want to create a simple app using .NET. Is this possible? If so, what SDK do I need? I've downloaded Microsoft's eMBedded Tools 3.0 but this appears to be VB-pre .NET.
  13. Paszt

    New Posts Icons

    The "Forum Contains New Posts" and "Forum Contains No New Posts" icons don't seem to be working correctly (well not as they did in the last version anyway). There are some sections with posts that I haven't read that don't show the New Posts icon. Are posts not considered new after a day or...
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