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    Difference between VB.NET and ASP.NET

    Hi, I got confused between VB.NET and ASP.NET. Correct me, if I'm wrong OK? VB.NET is for Windows Application where the form are with .vb extension and ASP.NET is for Web Application and the forms are with .aspx extension right? Currently, I'm developing Web Application and am stuck with the...
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    convert string value into date format

    Hi, I am got this datetime value into datagrid cell with {0:dd/MM/yyyy} as data formatting expression. Displayed at datagrid's fine ie. 14/07/2006 but after I edited it to 14/07/2007 and try to save, it will prompt this msg. Cast from string "14/07/2006" to type 'Date' is not valid. I've...
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    Data from MsSQL to Crystal Report

    That's what I did. If you see the screen in attached Doc2, some fields ticked red on screen of the same table are not visible in screen of Doc1. So, how to edit it?
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    Data from MsSQL to Crystal Report

    lingsn, At the Format Formula Editor these fields are not visible under the table but at Crystal Report's Field Explorer they are. Attached are the screens for your reference. Thank you. osl
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    Data from MsSQL to Crystal Report

    Hi there! I am facing this problem when creating a report to display data of an image data type from table in MsSQL database. The problem is, how do I suppress it in the report if the data is null. It displays as 'X' icon instead of blank. If there is value (binary) in the data then the data...
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    New Email Message to prompt at a click

    Hi, I never thought of fetch data from a form. I was thinking of direct to new email message when click at 'forgot your password'. Thank you for sharing the idea. osl
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    Batch deletion in datagrid

    So sorry...I didn't realised my mistake as I'm still in the midst of testing out which version to use (VS2003 or VS2005). I was aiming to use VS2005, that must be the reason why I put VS2005 for primary platform. I've changed my profile accordingly. Thanks!
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    Batch deletion in datagrid

    Dear Ashish, Thanks for your help but I have few questions. 1) SqlDtSrc, is it data source? If yes, how to declare it? 2) Can share your codes for DeleteUser()? 3) '_RowDeleting' and 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridViewDeleteEventArgs' only found in VS2005? I'm using VS2003 and I can't find...
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    VS2003 or VS2005?

    :o Thanks very much guys for sharing. Now I have better view of these 2 VS.
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    Crystal Report in VS

    Hi, If my clients need to customise their own reports, can they just install Crystal Report rather than the whole VS? If yes, what version of Crystal Report is compatible to the that in VS2003 as well as that in VS2005? Thanks! osl
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    New Email Message to prompt at a click

    Hi, I'm stuck at getting a new email message to prompt when click on 'Forgot your password?' on a webform. The below codes worked but they are hardcoded. Any idea on how to just get a new Message prompt for user to input and then send it out manually? Dim email As New...
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    VS2003 or VS2005?

    Hi, I've few questions before deciding on which VS to buy. Anyone out there can help? VS 2003 Database : OLE, SQL, Oracle Op. System: Windows XP ok, but what about 95, 98, 2000? Price of Software for 5 developers? Browser: Is it limited to IE only, and what version of IE is allowed...
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    Create MainMenu on Web Forms using VS2003

    Hi, With VS2003, we have MainMenu component for Windows Form. How to create mainmenu for Web Form (ASP.NET Web Application)? I've create Web.sitemap and do not know what to do next. Is Web.sitemap only applicable for VS2005 and not VS2003? Please help! Thank you.
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    How to create a empty datagrid-like data input web form

    Hi, Any idea on how to create an empty datagrid-like web form for input of data? I also need to have dropdownlist included to it, so that the input is bound to the collection. If this is done, can the data be inserted into few inter-link tables? Thank you!
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    Batch deletion in datagrid

    Hi, How to do batch deletion from a datagrid (i.e. Click at Delete Button to delete all checked items at one go)? I don't see CheckBox in the collection eventhough it's in the datagrid's column. If the Delete button is in the grid of each item, it works. Thanks in advance!
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    MessageBox & Show WebForm VB.NET 2003

    Can MessageBox be used in suddenelfilio, Thank you very much but what about MessageBox? Can it be used in Or just display message on label is the only way? Appreciate very much for your help.
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    MessageBox & Show WebForm VB.NET 2003

    Hi, How to declare a messagebox? Below is sample of the codes. When view in browser, it will give this error message. 'New MessageBox is not declared'.Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click"Testing") End Sub How to...
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    VB.NET training in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

    Hi, Any recommendations who (companies) can provide VB.NET hands on training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Thanks.:cool:
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    How to get selectedvalue from dropdownlist?

    Hi, I populated data into the dropdownlist during pageload event and selected an item.Then at the when I click at Delete button, it didn't delete the selected item but instead it always delete the first record of the dataset. When debug, I realized that the dropdownlist was populated again when...
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    Edit via DataGrid

    Hi, Please help me...! Why I get this message when I view at browser a web form with the editcommand at datagrid of multiple tables inter-related dataset when there are also some other web forms with dataset of single table (eg. table1, table2 and table3 are used in the edit web form and only...
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