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  1. Niya

    Question Best method to deal with sending data remotely

    You only need to forward ports for the server. Properly designed client/server architectures do not require that you forward ports for your clients, only the server. The TCP/IP protocol allows bi-directional communication once a connection has been established.
  2. Niya

    Question application launching two instances

    I've never seen this happen. I'm betting its something in your code or it could just be that you're double-clicking twice. An application wouldn't just run twice.
  3. Niya

    Sound doesn't play instantly...but wait for next operation to complete!

    Hmmm, this makes me curious. Try placing an Application.DoEvents inside the loop. Tell what happens.
  4. Niya

    UnZip/UnRar context menu

    Explain what you mean by "How should i detect that a rar/zip file is copied by the system..."
  5. Niya

    Question Code Generation with CodeDOM

    A quick google search revealed that CodeDOM is not supported on the compact framework.
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