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  1. dba123

    How to programically call SSRS 2005 report then Save to file

    How from a VB.NET app can I programmically code a call to one of my existing SSRS 2005 reports and after that report is done running, tell it to also save as a pdf into another directory somewhere on our file server?
  2. dba123

    How to resolve Scurity error in VB.NET Console App

    For this code: Imports System.IO Module Module1 Sub Main() 'System.Console.WriteLine("Hello!!") Dim file As New IO.FileInfo("c:\mnt_input.txt") Dim filefs As New IO.FileStream(file.FullName, IO.FileMode.Open) Dim reader As New IO.StreamReader(filefs) Dim counter As Integer = 0 Dim...
  3. dba123

    What type of project file and how to run via schedule

    whoops whoops, I meant to paste that last one in a new thread. Thanks for your Inputs John, helped me a lot!
  4. dba123

    What type of project file and how to run via schedule

    I have to run some VB.NET functions that takes an incoming txt file and manipulates it using System.IO namespace and classes such s FileStream, StreamReader, etc. I just don't know which type of VS Project to code this in and then deploy it to run on our server every night via schedule.
  5. dba123

    Chart displaying too many bars

    SSRS 2005 Why is my chart displaying too many bars? Design view: Outcome: Expected/Desired Outcome:
  6. dba123

    SUM Issue

    I'm trying to create a Grand Total in my footer for a column in my table. My table has a header, one group, and a footer. In my group, the field I want to sum has this formula in it which works fine for the group level but not in the footer: =((((SUM(Fields!PostedAmount_InHouse.Value) +...
  7. dba123

    Can't reference a Group Field in Footer SUM expression!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THERE HAS TO BE A SOLUTION FOR THIS!!!! How can I get around the limitation in SSRS 2005 of being able to SUM a Group referenced field in my FOOTER!!! for unique situations where I need to do so???? It's driving me nuts My footer field's expression (the problem)...
  8. dba123

    Help creating simple VB Function

    How can I create a VB.NET function to run my query below that my SSRS report can run to retreive TotalPostingDays so I can show that in a textbox in my report? I need help creating the function in the Report properties of my SSRS report and not sure how to call this stored procedure to return...
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