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    On The Right Track [RESOLVED]

    I think I am on the right track. At least I hope I am. I am useing the "OpenFileDialog" to start when the program first runs to find the database. But when I click on the database I get this error. Could someone Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Since this is wrong could someone let me know...
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    How To Connect to Database after Deployment

    I need to know how I would setup my program so that after I make it a .exe and install it on another computer it give me the option to connect to a database on a server? Can someone guide me to a sample or a link as to how to do this. Thank You WackoWolf
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    Can't add Row

    Almost all fix, Need som help I got it to almost run perfect for now. Just have one error comeing up that has me lost. Could someone Please help? This is the error: "Column 'Expr1' does not allow nulls." and it is happening on this line of code. DsNetwork1.tblFreeIP.Rows.Add(newrow)...
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    Can't Add Row

    Could someone please help. I can't seem to get anything added to a new row. The programs builds, I can go back and forth between records but can't add to the database. This is my code. I am not sure were my problem is, this isn't for school but for work to make things a little bit easy for me...
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    Auto Number

    Is there a way to have auto number active for a field like Disk ID? or do I have to have it turn on with access?
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    Why This Error

    I don't understand why I am getting this error when I try and run the program. This is just a smiple program I am trying to do from the book, but I am useing my own database. I am getting this error "An unhandled exception of type 'System.NullReferenceException' occurred in DVD Inventory.exe" If...
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    Need help with Calculation

    I have a form with a scrollbar that when click will show the amount of years in a textbox. The scrollbar works fine, but the calculation comes out wrong when i try it for 3 years. The formulas for the project is: 1. Yearly stright line decpreciation = (cost - salvage value)/5 2. Double...
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    Where do I put this code?

    I understand the code as to what it does, and I also understand why I want it. The problem I have is where do I put it. Do I put it in the button for the calculation or somewhere else? This is the code I want to use. Private Sub txt""_KeyPress (ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As...
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    Still a problem

    Why is it when I try to make it a Const it gives me the error that "Expression Expected" when I try to muply? Here is my code, I am trying to do this the right way but am have problems. I can do it without useing a Const and it works, but I want to set things as Const. I get the error on the *...
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    NewBe Need Help With Const and Val

    I am new to Vb. The question I have might seem stupid to most but I am lost and need some help. This is what I have for the code. Const Adult = 30 Adult = (Val(TextAdult.Text) * Adult) It is saying that for Adult in the beginning of "Adult = (Val(TextAdult.Text) * Adult)" This is...
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