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  1. avi8tor

    Session sharing with ASP.Net and ASP

    Thanks, but I don't really have a problem converting from C#. Already have a tool that does the same. I just wanted ideas on how to share sessions between asp and
  2. avi8tor

    Error with Web.config files

    Are you putting your member pages as well as the second config file in a separate directory. Remember, one config file is for the whole application and the second one in the secure members only part should only have authorization in it. The second web config file should look like below <?xml...
  3. avi8tor

    web services and applications...

    I can't understand why nobody has responded to your post. Yes, you can run your application on Windows XP Home. All you need to do is install a web server for this purpose. The Cassini Web Server is a free download at...
  4. avi8tor

    Session sharing with ASP.Net and ASP

    Does anyone have a good reference or idea on how to share session values between and asp. I have a web application in .net that must make a call to an asp page for processing and then return back to the aspx page. Some say you cannot transfer session variables between the two and others...
  5. avi8tor


    ^\d{2}-\d{3}-\d{4}-\w{1}$ for the first isbn numbers. Something similar for the tel numbers. Basically this is looking for a match of a string that has two digits, hyphen, three digits, hyphen, four digits, hyphen, then either one digit or letter value. I haven't tried it actually, but it should...
  6. avi8tor

    ASP.NET VB Studio - Dropdown list Value Changes

    Really have to see the code you are using with your submit button. Also check to see that the dropdownlist is not autopostback.
  7. avi8tor

    Datagrid Select Row

    I am trying to retrieve the bound values in an Asp.Net Datagrid. I am using templated columns with each databound item inserted into a label control. I would like when a user clicks on a select button to have all the values in that row stored to another table or better yet, another datagrid. The...
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