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    Question MP3 to Wav converter

    I have been searching for a way to convert mp3 audio files to wav audio files with I see the Lame dll but I dont think this will work for converting mp3 to wav , only the other way around wav to mp3..... does anyone have an idea as to how this can be done or point me in the right...
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    Question need to get first line with the lottery numbers from html text

    I am having a difficult time getting the most recent winning numbers from the lottery website....I have some code that will get the html from the site , the problem I am having is ....I dont know how or where to start to get the exact line of numbers I need...the line will change twice a...
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    Question How to mark a thread as "Resolved"

    I would like a walk through on how I can mark a thread as resolved when I feel the issue is resolved....can anyone show me how to do this? Thank You InkedGFX
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    Resolved Split() String code not working

    Hello , I wrote a sub to get a txt file from a web site then it supposed to split the numbers in the txt file and fill labels with the numbers....everything works except it doesnt fill the last label with a number....wondering why? code: Dim SourceNumbers As String = GetLotterynumbers()...
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    Question BackGroundWorker Question(s)

    I added a backgroundworker to my lottery number generator program..everything is working fine but the backgroundworker keeps working even if all the games are picked.... for example: the user has the option to choose from 1 to 6 games to generate...each game generates 6 unique numbers...once...
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    Question SQL Express Deployment

    I would like to know how to deploy a SQL Database with my Program...what I mean is are there extra steps in creation of the setup program to insure the end user will have no problems when installing the program from a setup installer? will the setup take care of everything needed to run the...
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    Question Correct Function ?

    I wrote a function to validate that the user has filled in some textbox's ...the function I wrote works , just wondering is this is the correct way to do this. Private Function ValidateText() As Boolean Dim isEmpty As Boolean = False If Me.txtFirstName.Text = "" Or...
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    FYI Just Installed SQL Express

    I just spent the last 2 hours getting SQL Server Express 2012 installed on my machine......the reason I did this is so I can (in the future) have my trivia game store the questions in a database......what a long process this was......everything is working ....finally.... wooohooooooo ! InkedGFX
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    Question Loop Thru Functions

    I am writting a Trivia Game.....there will be 12 catagories , each catagory will have at least 100 question.....I will create 10 different functions for each catagory to randomly pick a question from a list of 10 it poosible to loop thru the 10 functions and randomly select a...
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    Question Is it possible to code a color seperation program

    I am interested in coding a color seperation program for the printing industry. what I would like to do is have the program seperate all the colors in the image and put each color in its own lets say the image has 3 colors in it...the program will get all of the pixel in each...
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    Question Compare value of 6 different textbox's to 6 numbers

    I am having some diffuculties .... I need to compare the value of textboxes to the value of the winning numbers....I have the winning numbers inside global variables.....the value of the "yournumber" textbox's will be added by the user so I need to compare txtyournumber1.text and...
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    Question Need to generate a list of random Numbers from A list of Numbers

    I know again..... I have a listbox which i fill with numbers from a text file(coded solution on my own) now I have a listbox full of numbers...I remove the is the part I am stuck on... I need to take the numbers in the listbox and pick 6 random numbers from the numbers...
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    Question I need to pull out just the numbers from a txt doc

    I have a lottery program I am working on... its almost complete but need one more thing done to it.... I have it saving the winning numbers drawn from the lottery... it saves to a txt doc then if the user clicks view numbers, a listbox is filled with the saved txt doc...the txt doc has numbers...
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    Question Extract Lottery Numbers from String

    I am attempting to code a Lottery Number Checker program...I need to extract each of the 6 winning numbers from a string and put each number into its own label or textbox.I used regex to get this far...I download the page source and use regex to get to the part of the source that has the...
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    Question how to delete part of a watermark

    I am in need of some assistance! I need to delete part of a watermark on an image. I have the watermark being drawn twice but the second one is drawn 2 pixels offset from the first. what I want to do is delete the overlapping watermark. the watermark on the bottom is the shadow , I would like...
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    Question Icon Preview

    I save 1 image as an icon ...but when I ge to the folder where i saved it , there is no preview of the thumbnail...there is just a white box with the icon name ...if i open the icon the image is correct but how do I get vb to make a thumbnail preview for it when the icon is saved? InkedGFX
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    Question Raster Image Processor(RIP)

    I was thinking about writting a RIP program for color seperating and ripping images down for screen printing in VB.NET is it even possible? what I need to do is load an image - get each color in the image and seperate them - then halftone them and put them on there own window then be able to...
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    Question save 1 image as 3 different icons

    I have 1 picturebox for the source image to be converted to an icon...then I have 3 different pictureboxes with 3 different sizes a convert button , once clicked the source image in picturebox1 is resized to the 3 different size pictureboxes then I have a save dialog question is how do i...
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    Question Add to fileName before the ".ico" extention

    I am creating a image to icon convertor and would like to add "32x32" before the extention . Im using a save dialog to save the converted file . is there a way to add "32x32" before the ".ico" extention in code? thank you InkedGFX
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    Question Resize image while mantaining the aspect rasio

    I want to constrain the proportions of an image while resizing. I have two radio buttons on my form , I want to be able to resize an image while constraining either from the width or height of the the user picks either constrain from the width or from the height....anyone know where to...
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