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    check for empty values in dataviewgrid

    Another mechanism, assuming a MyDataGridView is bound to a MyDataTable is as follows: If String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(MyDataTable.Rows(r).Item(c).ToString) Then ' Cell is empty or white space Else ' Cell has something in it End If If you regard a white space string as a valid "entry" i.e...
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    Question How to click and drag columns in a DataGridView outside current displayed region

    My Windows Forms application uses a DataGridView with over 100 columns. The app was developed in VB with Visual Studio 2012. I have set: MyDataGridView.AllowUserToOrderColumns = True There are also horizontal and vertical scroll bars. The ability (provided by Microsoft) for a user to click and...
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    Question How To Handle This Exception

    Hi Zee, I've been down the same route as you with cmd.ExecuteNonQuery(). I am amazed (in an unpleasantly amazed way) at the number of possible different App Exceptions it can throw. I must have experienced over 400 different ones, each time I "solved" one problem then another one was...
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    Question refreshing the parent's form data from another form

    @Lotok@ Hi James, nice replies and a great blog web site which I found very helpful. Thank you very much for your high standard of code examples and for helping the community. Best regards, Rob
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    Anchor and Docking Madness

    Hi Taylor, Here are few more details to save you some time: Having a TableLayoutPanel with rows and columns to split your display area into sections is definitely the way to go. Set it to fill your Windows Form, Click the top right hand corner and configure rows and columns of the grid. Do...
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    Capture Command Window output without redirection

    Enter the following search in Google: "Automate Command Prompt Window (CMD), Redirect Output to Application" That will answer your question. I hesitate to publish the link for you because I am unsure of Admins' policy on posting cross references to other sites. Some forums do not permit this...
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    Question My programme is very slow

    I can't take the time to download your complete project either. How you are visualizing your data? I am guessing here ... ... if you are using a DataGridView in a Windows Forms application, and it is bound to a DataTable then you need to set the following property...
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    Return a copy of an array instead of a pointer for it's elements

    Just as a matter of interest, would this work for you? I am not suggesting whether this is "good" or "bad" practice, but it seems to answer your question. My "point" is that passing an Object Array by reference provides a way to return a variable number of parameters of indeterminate type. I...
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    Question How To Handle This Exception

    Hi Zee, Out of interest, how do you provide error reporting in the situations where your Functions return "False". Do the functions each call a common error reporting handler? Do you log the messages to a disk file or to a textbox? If you log to a disk file, then at what point does the error...
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    Question How To Handle This Exception

    Granted! Which section would be appropriate for such a question to be asked? Thanks.
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    Question How To Handle This Exception

    OK thanks I will implement the advice you have given me. Is this the mechanism? AppDomain.UnhandledException Event (System) Sub Main() Dim currentDomain As AppDomain = AppDomain.CurrentDomain AddHandler currentDomain.UnhandledException, AddressOf MyHandler Try Throw New...
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    Question How To Handle This Exception

    @jmcilhinney@ Thanks. I am keen to learn from you and to take your advice and recommendations. I realize that your thinking is at a more advanced level than my own. Let's assume I delete all my "per Sub/ per Function" exception handling code. What I would then need is a framework which...
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    Question Manipulate data in gridview and populate new gridview

    @JohnH@, thanks I agree, my Bad!
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    Question How To Handle This Exception

    @JohnH@ Almost every reference example on Microsoft's web site is like this, containing a simple "catch all" exception handler. Why would Microsoft write example code and supply it as "samples" when it flies in the face of their "advice" elsewhere? And if the developer budget is limited where...
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    Question How To Handle This Exception

    @jmcilhinney@ Well I agree in part. However when a new application is in its initial stages of development and test, all sorts of unforeseen things can happen. My policy has certainly been to write code to "defend" against every exception that has been generated while the application has been...
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    Question How To Handle This Exception

    In every procedure you write, structure it as follows. This provides general purpose exception handling for every circumstance. TextBox1 is a TextBox object created in Windows Forms Designer. Private Sub MyProcedure() Try ' ' Your code here ' Exit Sub Catch ex As...
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    Question Forum uses CKEditor 3.6.2 - serious bug - resolved in CKEditor 3.6.5

    I am sure vBulletin will want to fix this, now that the fault has been diagnosed and confirmed by Microsoft. Maybe Neal can call them about it?
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    how to update data in gridview?

    I just don't understand your question. Can you get someone to help you translate what you want to say? Or maybe try using Google Translate?
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    Question Manipulate data in gridview and populate new gridview

    Just a tip on your post. I don't mean to be a smartass, but it's something I was getting wrong until the Admins straightened me out! When posting code snippets you should use the advanced editor, click on the little icon "VB" and when prompted for the "option" type "vb" in lower case. Also just...
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