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    WCF System.ServiceModel.AddressAccessDeniedException

    I have created a WCF services library using visual studio 2008 @ windows XP OS it's working fine, even i created a same type of service @ windows 7 OS that's also working fine. but the issue is when i copy the whole project from XP to Win7,during compile compiled successfully but when i start...
  2. dipankarroy.mail

    Question Devexpress6.3 tabpage ordering

    i already have some tabpages in tab control, i want to reorder that but it not works i am using this function Private Sub SwapTab(ByVal tabCtrl As DevExpress.XtraTab.XtraTabControl, ByVal tabPage As DevExpress.XtraTab.XtraTabPage, ByVal CurrentPageIndex As Integer, ByVal MovetoIndex As...
  3. dipankarroy.mail

    Tip need Alternative for atalasoft

    hi friends currently i am using atalasoft third party tool for image scanning,capturing and show all this in a document viewer which supports doc,pdf and all images. and it's work fine in citrix environment when we share an installed appliction over web through citrix so i need a good...
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