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    Exporting Crystal Report to PDF through ASP.Net

    Hi guys, I am dynamically generating the report document using XML dataset. It works fine until I try to export it to PDF format. There is a problem of login failure... Please Help This is my code: 'customising Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As...
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    SQL DB Retrieve then Update

    Hello, I have created a web form, where I am retrieving a set of recordsvfrom the DB. The data is bound to text-fields. Users update the data. On the button-click the data is supposed to get updated. Superficially this works fine, the command gets executed, 1 row is also affected, but with...
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    Implement Drag & Drop of Custom Controls at Runtime

    Hello guys. I am almost alien to Graphics in Vb.Net, but am pretty conversent otherwise. I would request you to help me on the following: How to implement Drag & Drop of Custom Controls at Runtime? How to draw a line depending on two mouse-click locations on two different controls, and...
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