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    Get weather from a site

    Can somebody help me load some if this weather info into textboxes? Burbank, California (91501) Conditions & Forecast : Weather Underground BTW I have no idea what I'm doing. Anything you can give me to help me get started would be great. Perhaps start with how to load this weather into text...
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    Read html code --> textbox

    I am trying to get some text into a text box. If the code had an ID that I could find this would not be a problem, but all I can find is <h4><span class="fn n"><span class="given-name">Joshua</span> <span class="additional-name">L.</span> <span class="family-name">Hendren</span></span></h4>...
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    Help with web page form

    I am trying to make a program to find some text on a website and fill a text box in the program with that website text. The website is Generate a Random Name - Fake Name Generator I would like to take the info generated on that site and fill in text boxes in visual basic...
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