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    Create a Access Table in .net

    Hi. I want to create an access table and ad some fileds. i use this: Dim dbs As DAO.Database, dbsContacts As DAO.Database Dim tdf As Object, fld As Object dbs = accessapplication.CurrentDb tdf = dbs.CreateTableDef("IPDataTable") Dim long1 As Long = 10 fld =...
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    Drag Drop Between Listview and DataGridView

    Hi. I do a drag and drop operation between a Listview and a Datagridview. The problem is that i cannot get the Cell coordinates when i drop the data since the DataGridView_DragDrop event only pronides points(x,y) and i need rectangle coordinates for the datagridview Cell.
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    Forms Drawing Problem

    Hi. I have a problem with drawing on forms. I use a form (with showdialog) to add forms in a main form that is shown behind the showdialog form. The problem is that when i use the graphics.drawline to draw lines between the forms, it only works AFTER i close the showdialog form. (meaning that if...
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    Table Relationships Help

    Hi. I have some tables and i want to view their Relationships. Let's say i have a table named "Help" i use the Stored procedure "sp_fkeys" to get the Fkey-keys of the tables that refear table "Help". What i cannot do is the opposite. Meaning that i want to see the tables that "Help" is...
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    Problem with Service displaying a form

    Hi. I have a program that has a timer inside. When the timer elapses it (should) displays a form. The problem is that this form resides inside my Windows Service program (add new item). So it(the service) does not call an external program that i've tested and works ok. It calls the form from...
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    HELP! Windows Services N process

    Hi. I have created a windows service and inside the OnStart sub i create a process that runs a windowsApplication that simply opens a form. The problem is that the windowsApplication will saw on the TaskManager (running as user,admin or whatever i choose), it will work when i execute the code...
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