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    Deploying a Windows application

    I have finish my first VB.NET Windows project with Access DB and it is sitting on a server at c:\housing\ It was published on the same server on a different directory c:\housingdb\ Everything works fine when running the setup file. How do I give each users, an Icon on their desktop, that will...
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    Dispaly dates on Crystal Report VB.NET 2005

    Somewhat new at CR. I need to display the two dates "Start and End date", selected by the user as parameters, on the Header of my Crystal Report. Thanks for your help, Pierre
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    I'm trying to filter by HouseNo "String" and RequestNo "Integer" I've tried all kind of way and nothing work. TypeOfRenoBindingSource.Filter = "HouseNumber like '" + HouseNo + " ' " AND " "RequestNumber = " ' " + RequestNo + " ' " Help please. Thanks, Pierre
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    Using a Query

    I have created a Query in TableAdapter Query Configuration Wizard. How do I use this query in my program? It works fine when I see the Preview Data. Select Distinct community from Property" Save as CommunityQuery Added CommunityQueryTableAdapter to my Form. I'm hoping to populate a Combobox...
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    [2005] Losing ToolStrip Navigating Buttons

    I'm using my PK to fetch a record and display it on my form. PropertyBindingSource.Filter = "HouseNumber = '" + housenumber + "'" Everything works fine but my ToolStrip Navigating Button are not activated and I cannot navigate to a record previous or next from the one showing on the screen...
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    MouseHover over many buttons

    I have a form containing a picturebox representing a map. Within the picture box I have many buttons representing houses. When I do a mouseHover on a button I display info on that house on a pop-up form. My code so far is this: Private Sub button_mouseHover(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal...
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    Adding new record...

    I am creating a new record on a table of Access DB using VB.Net Express 2005. The PK is the same for all my other 10 tables. I there a way to update my other tables with the newly created key from my Form1. I am not using Datagrid. Only text boxes. Thank you, Pierre
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    Scrolling on a form using Navigator Buttons

    I have a form in VB Express that contain many TextBoxes from 3 different tables from the same DataSet. When I use the navigator button, only the data from the first table will get displayed. The other TextBoxes stay on the first record of their table. Only my first Table has a BindingNavigator...
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    Picking index from ListView

    I have a ListView with 5 columns. I want the user to use the mouse to click on any row and have the index of that row save into a variable. Same as can be done with a listbox. I'm trying to avoid the checkbox. Thank you, Roger:confused:
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    USB Barcode scanner

    [Resolved] USB Barcode scanner I'm using an USB scanner to read a barcode into a textbox. I want to read the database after the scan is complete without having to use a button. I've been using a TextChanged event on my form but it get going before the scanner has time to put the whole number...
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