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    Datagrid from more than 1 table

    I have 1 datagrid which source comes from 1 table. It is working. But I need to combine the table with other 2 tables as the main table only shows the key of the other 2. I need to get the description of the keys from the 2 tables. I know the sql command,and it uses dataview but I'm not sure how...
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    error in when compiling

    I'm using Visual studio 2003. I have created a simple programming using VS 2003 with Microsoft Access 2000 as the database. I put the database in C:\learn\mydatabase\mydatabase\mydatabase.mdb. In the app.config, <?xmlversion="1.0"encoding="utf-8"?> <configuration> <appSettings>...
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    how to add control into the toolbox manually

    I'm using 2003. I need to use datetimepicker control. At the moment, the control is not in my toolbox. Is there a way to add it manually? tq.
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