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    using access with combo box

    Hi Guys I like to to use a combo box which reads off access the first colum student ID from the student table. and display the results in the selected text box. Heres what i have done with no luck. within the combo box. cn = New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data...
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    combo box help

    Hi guys I like to basically include combo boxes in my form and text boxes I have within my button a code which transfers from combo box to the text box like tx1.Text = cb1.SelectedItem but i am wondering i like to just transfer the text stright from combo box to the text box without a...
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    access help on query

    hi guys im creating a table with 3 colums which are reader avaiable and used what i like is in the avilable colume there would be 10 and in the used colum if i type 1 it would lower the avilable colume. so something like avilable col -------- ---- 9 ...........1 but i am not sure...
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    query help

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    Query help list

    Resolved Resolved Resolved
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    sql query

    hi guys i wanna connect my to mysql database. but i found out that you need a database connecter. Can anyone please give me the link to the connecter driver i would be using to connect mysql with thanks
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    textbox query

    hi guys i need some hepl with this basiclly i have two text boxes. what i like in tx1 i have a number say 2 and in tx2 what ever the the number is in tx1 i like it to x3. how would i do this? :confused:
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    text box query

    Hi guys I like to add / symbol in a text box 1 by clicking on the button. i tried this tx1.text = "/" but it only adds it once I like it to add it continouly. How wud this be possible?:confused: Thanks guys
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    advice on using table in

    Hi guys What I like to do is in I have loaded a table from access in and what I like to do is in attendance colume I would have //// and in total attendance colume I would have the / as a number 3 soo what its doing is counting the slases from the attendance table and...
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    Query on datagrid problem

    Hi Guys Im having problem with filling the datagrid in I like to put my Query table which has the below tabes and query into the datagrid in but i keep getting the message that it does not like the replace word the message it displays is undefined function "replace" Need...
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    I need help on a validation

    Hi Guys I need help on a validation. I got it to only type number but now I like it to only have 5 numbers and nothing more. How would I do this guys:confused: Private Sub tx10_KeyPress(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyPressEventArgs) Handles tx10.KeyPress If Not...
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    query help

    Hi guys Im creatingh a query in my access which allows // symbols to be counted as numbers in the totalattendence i got it to count the symbols but i only want it to count /// as number soo it counts /x/ anything but i only want it to count / heres what i have done in sql view in access
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    validation help

    Hi guys i am trying to do a validation for my database the below code adds a user to the database. So far i got the validation to display a message if theres a duplciation. But this message does not go away. i want this message to restart again. once clicked the button how would i do this...
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    Validation help with text box

    Hi guys The below validation only allows text no number input but i cant go back. What would i need to code to allow this:confused: Private Sub TextBox1_KeyPress(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyPressEventArgs) Handles TextBox1.KeyPress If...
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    loading word and pdf docs in

    Hi guys I wanna basically load word, pdf and powerpoint document onto a label or picture box. To view. I am having problems with this. Heres what I have done soo far Private Sub butload_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles load.Click Dim...
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    access query Help

    Hi guys im trying to create a access database which has two colums like the example shown below. Registry total registry /// 3 basically the first colume would contain these symbols /// and i want the second colume to read off the first colume soo if I...
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    Next button help

    Hi Guys Im am trying to get the next button and previouse button to work properly with validations. Ive created a method SetButtonState which handles the button state. I am having a problem with the next button. Cant get it to work properly. I want it to start from the start and end at the...
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    adding number in text box

    Hi guys I am a newbe to and my problem is that. by a click of a button i want to add 3 to textbox1. soo the number is increasing each time. Can someone show me an example of how this would be done please:confused:
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    Updating text box linking to access

    Hi Guys I want to update the text boxes which are linked to access. I got my button 2 updating the information in the datagrid, but is it possible with text boxes reading from Access. Can someone show me how this is done please..Thanks alot visual basic code:Private Sub...
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    saving image problem

    Hi guys the bottom method works but again it saved it as a unknown file Im not sure why thoo because it is set to save as a jpeg? Dim Save As New SaveFileDialog() ' Configure the dialog With Save .InitialDirectory = "G:\" .Filter = "Jpeg...
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