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    Datetimepicker problmes

    I have a list box on my form with 2 value - "2010" & "2011" When I change the value in the listbox it should set the minimum and maximum value of 2 datetimepickers. Each time I try to change the value I get an error - for example if I change the listbox from 2011 to 2010 I get the error...
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    Subroutine running when not asked to.

    I have a calculator like program which has a function to export a string ('StringBuild') to notepad . The process start OK but it has a funny problem. When I run Process.Start it also keept running a sub that I had linked to one of the calculator buttons. I played around with the code but...
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    Filtering a Dataset

    I have a dataset (WW1Dataset) with one data table(WW1).(database used in an access database) I'm trying to filter the dataset e.g a user wants to filter by a chosen surname (SurnameTextBox.text) so the datset is filtered to display only those records wherethe surname column in the dataset...
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    databases Books

    Can anyone suggest a good guide to databases using access ?, almost every book I have seen use SQL database. Even a good website would do, I find that decent guides to database access for beginners are difficult to find. thanks
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