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    Many userforms wth the same names for textbox, comboboxs and buttons

    Seems like an odd issue, per the other comment by IanRyder. What are the "modifier" fields for each text box on each form set to? You may be Import statements to avoid qualifying your calls to different form methods and fields - since you are using the same names for controls, consider dumping...
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    Question Issue with run-time control binding - bindingNavigator, gridControl

    got it! i found i needed to clear the data table before refilling it. i added the following at the beginning of the Fill_DataSet() method objDt.Clear()
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    Question Issue with run-time control binding - bindingNavigator, gridControl

    BTW - this "objBindSource.DataSource = Nothing" line was an attempt at resolving the mentioned issue. I have also tried going back and forth between using my own .AddNew() event and the built-in one - happens either way.
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    Question Issue with run-time control binding - bindingNavigator, gridControl

    Using a devExpress gridControl & gridView (don't think devExpress is to blame here, but i just mention it for accuracy), combined with a BindingNavigator and BindingSource. I have portion of a WinForms app that has several "admin" forms that each show a table - i.e. stuff that users can fill...
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    Stuck! 'Insert' problem with database

    perhaps putting parameters in your query would help simplify Parameterized Query | All About .NET SQL Server would be like insert into tblApps (colx, coly, colz) values (@x, @y, @z) looks like mysql (based on that article i pasted) uses ?[value] i would try that, as i see "+" in your query...
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    Question Logins - What's the best option?

    Since I can assume you are using .NET by posting here...what about AD-integrated authentication - a snap for "fat" or web apps. I would create groups for your app, assign them appropriate access in the app itself, and then you can have AD groups manage access to your app without worrying about...
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    Question Help with Uninstall

    so it sounds like your inno setup compiler creates an uninstall - check to see what that actually leaves behind before you worry about clean up. if your app shows up in add/remove (or even it it doesn't) after install, check this reg area to see if there is a guid or other folder that matches...
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    Question Help with Uninstall

    what about an msi package to install in the first place? a msi install package would be the cleanest way to deploy/uninstall the app in the first place. is that a possibility in the future? for now tho...deleting a file in use by the program that is using it...that's a tuffy! found this on...
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