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    managing and searching text in textbox (Compact Framework)

    Sure. Dim parentFolder As String Dim subFolder As String = "/program files/folder1/folder2" Dim di As New System.IO.DirectoryInfo(subFolder) parentFolder = di.Parent.FullName '"/program files/folder1 'Delete this and all sub-directories of folder2...
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    Retaining data across multiple forms

    you can define a class per form and then have the classes initialized in the main form. So form1 has a class called class1, form2 has class2 and so on. Use the reference to class1 in form1 and store any values in there - class1 is initialized in the main form and not in form1, form1 only uses...
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    Question Odd problem...

    the reply above should be enough. but if you are still having problems then you should post the part of code or method so we can help you better
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    Multiple forms, with mutiple text boxes

    I think this is what you want. You can not close form as thats the thread from where you open form2 and 3. If you close form1, you simply exit the whole application! So instead you should (as you have noticed) hide form1 and form2 or form3 will appear. When done, you show form1 from form2 and...
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    Multiple forms, with mutiple text boxes

    as answered, when you two different forms and you have a textbox or any other control with the same on each form, you won't have any problems as they reside in two different classes (i.e. for form1 and form2)
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    Catch block question

    Read my article on handling exceptions
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    How to write comments?

    plus any reference to the 'original' problem is also helpful...because then you know why and how etc
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    Question Another Array question...

    You could do something like this: Imports System.IO Imports System.Drawing 'Point info Public Structure CanvasPoint Public X As Double Public Y As Double End Structure Public Class PointsReader Public Shared Function ReadPoints(ByVal filePath As String) As CanvasPoint()...
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    Question Saving data after exit application..

    When you are done with calculations on form2 and hit the send button, you would, in the routine for send button, set the calculated values to the varibales in your module and then close form2
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    Throwing exception?

    An exception models an error in your program and not just that the user has not enetered a value. You should code-defesively i.e. check everything before using it. Never trust external data that it will be valid. Read more about exception handling in VB.NET.
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    Insert Tab into String

    The following built-in class gathers all those things (tab, newline, vertical tab etc) ControlChars
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    Question Console Application Help please!

    This you can do as follows: Right click your project, choose Properties, choose the Application tab, change the Application type to Windows Application hope this helps a bit
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    How to display the total numbers found in a .dat file

    Can you be more detailed about your problem? Perhaps an example would help
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    console & how its works?

    That's too broad and can be many different things. Narrow it down and someone will answer you!
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    Console loop problem

    Use the following code instead. I have tested the code it works. To understand the different loops, visit VB.NET Loops Dim Userinput As Decimal Do Until (Userinput = 9) Console.WriteLine("Select Product to order:") Console.WriteLine("1. : $1")...
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    Extract path from file path?

    The following code is what you want. It retrieves the parent directory of filename.file and creates the parent directory if it does not exist. The code has been tested. Dim parentDir As String Dim fi As New FileInfo("C:\filepath\non-existant-directory\filename.file")...
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