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    Question Advice Needed - WPF with or C#

    I am busy learning WPF and am going to tackle a new project soon. I know VB.Net and like working with it. But, most books and references use C#. I have dabbled with C#, and I can learn it if needed. Is it worth the effort to learn C# with WPF, or do I stick with VB.Net and WPF. Your thoughts?
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    Answered Detecting Null Values in a DGV

    I struggled with this for a while. When a Excel Spreadsheet is imported into a DGV, some blanks cells (in Excel) are imported as Null values. This causes exceptions with some code. So, my idea was to replace all Null values with default values, depending on the data type ("" for Text or False...
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    Answered Binding a TextBlock to a Radio Button

    I would like to Hide/ Display text in a TextBlock depending on the Checked Status of a Radio Button. But I cannot get it to work. Any advice is welcome. Radio Button Code: <StackPanel Grid.Column="0" Grid.Row="0" Margin="8,0,0,5"> <RadioButton Content="mA to...
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    Need Some Pointers on Performing a Simple Calculation Using a Function in C#

    I am moving from WinForms & VB.Net to WPF & C#. My question is related to C#. I have no idea of how to begin. I have trolled several forums for an idea of how to go about it, and get more confused as I go a long. The Function takes 3 string inputs from text boxes, converts them to real values...
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    Resolved Error when trying to install Microsoft Code Analysis 2017

    I am trying to install "Microsoft Code Analysis 2017" on Visual Studio 2019. I get the following error: I recently updated Visual Studio from Visual Studio 2017 to Visual Studio 2019. What is the problem? Please assist.
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    Answered Please help me understand the following Code Analysis Error

    I do not understand the following Warning when running a Code Analysis in Visual Studio 2019: Relevant section of code: '~~> Equipment Generate Parameters - OLEDB Connection Dim sFilePath As String = gThisApplicationRunFolder & "\UserData\Template\DBF Files\equip.dbf"...
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    Question [VB2017] Late Binding Error - Option Strict on

    When compiling, with Option Strict on, I get a Late Binding Error on the following code. I have looked for an answer and tried several options to try and fix it, with no success. Dim strParam1 As String() Dim arrayParameters As ArrayList = Nothing Dim...
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    How do I import and Display this Existing XML File?

    I have an existing XML file that I would like to add to a data set and display on a form, in data grid view. It is not in the normal format of Table and Table Columns. I have no idea on how to do this. Please assist. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <template desc="Digital01 - Siemens">...
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    How do I Return a Value from a DataSet after a ComboBox Selection

    Hi. I am new to the Forum and new to VB.Net. I have had extensive programming with VBA Excel and other proprietary software (PLC & Scada in the Automation fields). :wavey: My problem is as follows: I have a Windows Form Application. I have created a XML DataSet, which has a table in it. This...
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