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    Editing Files

    Hi I want to write a program to automatically edit some files. Basically the files are encoded and the only way we can understand them in in hex This is our hex strings nicly formatted. We need to read:- { } { }{ } 28 000200 000001FF 04...
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    Listbox short file names

    Hi, Im trying to list shortfile names from a directory in a listbox, i can list the long file name no problem but the other application in trying to pass the names to needs short file names. Any ideas?
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    Text addition

    Ok i have a file number.txt that by deafult contains the number 1. upon an even happening in my program i want to change this to 2 and then to 3 if the event occures again. How can i do this.
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    EXE as resource

    Hi Currently i have an application that calls another application in our program files folder, is it possible to imbed this as a resource in the main exe I have got the exe file in as a resource but im not sure how i can run it any help please?
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    Running a command line program

    Hi i have a command line program that is run in this format murray.exe C:\folder\input.txt C:\folder\output.txt now to make it easier for me when running this file i am trying to make a ui for it I have found how to locate the file and allow the user to select the output file and dim the...
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    copy and retain directory structure

    Ok, Is there anyway to retain the folder structure as they are on C:\ ?
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    Catch Catch ex As System.UnauthorizedAccessException

    Hi im trying to catch an error Catch ex As System.UnauthorizedAccessException but i cant seem to get it to work how do i do this?
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