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    updating form from backgroundworker

    I can't get my backgroundworker to update my form. This is just a test, trying to learn HOW to do it before I use it for anything serious. I can run a procedure from the main thread, it works and updates the form, but locks up all the other controls while running. I can run an identical...
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    Question add a row to datagridview by XML

    I have a datasgridview. I can populate it from an XML file like this: Public ds As New DataSet ... Dim xmlFile As XmlReader xmlFile = XmlReader.Create("products.xml", New XmlReaderSettings()) ds.ReadXml(xmlFile) dg_products.DataSource = ds.Tables(0) this is linked to the...
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    Question pause a thread, let other threads run

    Hi there. In my application I have a loop that makes calls to a website to download data. I'm using a DownloadDataAsynch call with a handler. I'm making many such calls in a loop. What I'd like to do is, if I have more than a certain number of replies pending, I should pause the loop and let...
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