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    Question on some Functions....

    For the record I have tested Application.Exit, this.close, and this.dispose so I know what they do and am not asking the group to tell me what happens. I am looking for a more conceptual explanation (ie what is happening behind the scenes) to some of the questions I am asking. Should a coder...
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    Regular Expression validate textbox

    Hello, I know regular expressions can be created in but the resources are scare on the net and I cannot find examples. I need to create a regular expression that ensures that at least two words have been entered and the words can just have letters in them. Can someone tell me how to do...
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    SO how do I do this?

    I have inputted all information in a text file into a list: Try sourceFile = "\My Documents\TOPR1.TXT" Dim objReader AsNew IO.StreamReader(sourcefile) 'Peek returns a value of -1 when there are no more... '...incoming characters thereby signifying EOF 'Add all items in TOPR1.TXT to a list...
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    Hiding the Caret

    What command do I use to hide the caret?
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    New line character in Compact Framework

    Hello. Scanner project is going well. One last problem to solve, which I though I did before.... Private Sub Scanner1_ScanCompleteEvent(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As PsionTeklogix.Barcode.ScanCompleteEventArgs) txtlastcode.Text = txtBarcode.Text txtBarcode.Text = e.Text StatusBar1.Text =...
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