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    disable CTRL key

    Hope you can help, i've written a program for work that kills windows explorer (effectively hides desktop icons, taskbar and start menu) so no users can access the internet from our machines, this works well as most machines are touch screen so no keys can be pressed and no access to OSK, but to...
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    Question Stopping form closing

    Hi people, I wonder if anyone can help, im writing a program for work that monitors our PCs and our software and sends picked up errors to an android app. I've got both working fine (Vb and android) but when i go to a machine sometimes the program is closed with no errors, ive removed the...
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    filesystemwatcher firing files twice

    HI Guys , ive just finished writing a file in VB 2010 and im using filesystemwatcher but ive found a problem whereas the filesystemwatcher fires the target twice everytime there is a change to the file. ive looked around and found it to be a problem but cant seem to find a cure thanks Mark
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