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    Question Image not Displaying properly

    I am trying to change the Impage at certain time interval(5 images),images are displaying quite good in my machine when i launched same application in windows server2008-IIS7.5 it is showing only one image other 4 are not displaying, i have navigated the images in root site folder but it is...
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    Question Read the excel file

    I am able to read single excel file,I have folder (C:\BOM) in that i have no.of excel files is there. So what we have written code is for single file. but i need to automate this process.. Application automatically read the selected excel file . Code should read both 2003 and 2007 excel files...
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    Question Convert webform controls into PDF file

    I have an ASPX Page in which i have Label control and 3 grodview from top to and botton on a webform Named Convert to PDF.When i Click this Button i need to convert the Whole controls on webform to PDF and Display it....Any Methods are there without use of Third Party Controls or Dll's,Thanks
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    Question how to insert Insert GridView Data to Database

    hi I am desperately looking for this solution,is it possible to insert new values to your table from the datagridview?the scenario is this: i have imported data from excel and display those data on a datagrid. now after displaying those data on the datagrid there is a save button wherein if the...
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